You are a lying , angry, ill informed misogynist who wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you in the face. What a lot of absolute rubbish…..where on earth do you get this twisted nest of hate from? Take it the ACNC again, take it all and you will get the actual truth which is that nothing you accuse me of is in fact true. FACT is an important element in your diatribe that you miss- you are full of lies, innuendo and insults… and that is all – not a fact in sight, no understanding of the work we do or why we do it, no respect for anyone or anything except your warped view of the world. i feel sorry for you. I wish you healing.


Isn’t this just a lovely way for Australia’s self-declared Child Protection Hero to treat a well-known child sexual abuse victim?

Calling me a liar, a hater, unhinged, angry, stupid, twisted, a misogynist (Hetty doesn’t get satire, probably because for her its a way of life), warped, insulting, ignorant, an object of pity and an all round c*nt.

It’d be terrible it would, particularly given that in the not too distant past I donated a substantial four figure sum to the Bravehearts organisation, and I’d be really upset and probably crying into my cornflakes but for two simple things.

One is that I’ve been called worse, far worse, and many times too.

And the other is that me thinketh the once again failed political candidate who cops $28 grand a year in rent for her privately owned rental property from the organisation that she heads, and earns who knows how much in speakers fees paid directly into her private bank account protesteth far too much.

There’s a simple way to resolve the issue Hetty, and I’ll issue a grovelling apology and do 100 ours of volunteer work for you as reparation if you prove me to be wrong.

As I’ve challenged you to do a number of times now – and you’ve ducked and weaved and avoided – just lay out on the table a record of your last 10 years speaking engagements and where the money paid to you for each address given went.

That’s all, it’s simple. and it will save you reaching for the thesaurus trying to find new words to describe me as a c*nt.

Just put the records on the table for all to see Mrs Johnston and the argument will solve itself.

That or sue me for defamation.

Tens of thousands around Australia are reading this site you know luv, many of them people in high and powerful places.

If I’m telling porkie pies then surely I am causing reputation to your damage aren’t I?

So sue me and subject yourself to the legal discovery process and then we’ll all find out once and for all who’s wrong and who’s right.

You started this by slagging me when Greg Masters jumped off his balcony, electing to side with the perpetrator in preference to the victim, and you’ve elected to continue it by publicly castigating and deriding me since.

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is Hetty and prove me wrong.

Put up or shut up sweetheart (I’m a misogynist after all).

The ball’s in your court.