Leanne Enoch

Bolted in with an increased margin as predicted.


Tracey Davis

Looked gone to the world on the turn but has suddenly picked up the bit and is starting to surge home on the back of old people’s pre-poll votes and preferences.

Labor’s halfwit of a State Secretary Evan Moorehead went the early crow on this one. He may yet live to regret it.


Chris Whiting

Wins under double wraps.

Barron River

Michael Trout

Another one where Moorehead started throwing his arms up in the air early, and the same thing is happening here as it is in Aspley.

Labor’s Craig Crawford is still the fave, but they’re not paying out yet.


Sam O’Connor

Labor have been smashed up by 8% on the primary first preference vote but stay in the game on preferences.

Holzberger has performed better than expected, but has it been well enough?


David Crisafulli

Shit in.


Brent Mickelburg

Dickson goes down, and his preferences send the emissary of his enemy into the House of Broken Dreams, and the former member into obscurity.

When will these fence jumpers ever learn?


Di Farmer


A cafe latte double shot with soy please.


David Batt

Neck a neck with Labor’s bill-paying averse sitting MP Leanne Donaldson.

One Nation preferences will decide it in a thriller.


Joanne Miller

Bolts in and becomes the modern incarnation of Paul Pisasale in the Local Punter Popularity Stakes.

I’ll take 6-4 that her career will follow the same trajectory as the Sicilian’s.


Dale Last

Towelled up in the primary by the comeback kid, former Whitsundays Mayor and miner Mike Brunker, but there’s no appreciable Green vote up here so One Nation preferences will decide it.

Brunker would have to be the in-play betting favorite.


Michael Hart



Stephen Bennett



Rob Pyne

The one seat I got totally arse up.

Queensland loses its most honest and best politician, and we get a Cairn tourism operator in return. It hardly seems a fair trade.


Colin Boyce



Mark McCardle



Don Brown

Wins with a majority after proving to the electorate over the last three years that his promise to look afters its constituent voters, businesses, clubs, community service organisations and sporting associations wasn’t just pie in the sky.

Deserves promotion to the Ministry this term.


For some reason I forget to tip in this seat.

Sorry about that.


Tim the Toolman

My mate Pothole Phil gave the laziest Liberal Party leader in living memory a scare early when they counted the Labor booths first, but safe seats are safe for a reason and Nicholls seat for life lives on even though his leadership is dead.


Pat Weir

By a country mile


Penny Johnson (with reservations)

My reservations were well founded.

The ALP vote holds up post-Billy Gordon and for all his faults you would have to agree that the one-term blunder-filled wonder did the right thing by his party when he could have been an arse and pulled a Margaret Strelow, and deserves to be looked after by the Labor movement.


Michael Crandon



Kate Jones

Even more easily.


Jan Stuckey

Lost her comfortable margin but wins.


Tim Mander

As predicted Labor threw their chance away by not trying.

Mander with an increased majority.

Ferny Grove

Mark Furner

Funky gets the bacon and Labor win Government (or will anyway).

Told you so.


Sid Cramp

Sid Vicious has put in a Cedrick Rocker during the campaign, and the young Labor lawyer with the very bright political future win, lose or draw has edged ahead and has her nose in front.

This one will go all the way to the wire and might well determine the composition of the next Parliament.


Glenn Butcher

Performed as expected and bolted in.


Andrew Poole

Poole wins and ALP candidate Brent Hampstead’s demonstrable abilities remain untapped. If he asked me for political advice I would tell him to join the Greens and focus his aim on the Senate ticket.

Archie’s Progressive Tally

Total Selections – 28

Total Decided – 22

Wins – 20

Losses – 2

Undecided  – 6

Percentage Success to Date – 91%