Do you remember the Widow sportsfans?

The poor lady who’d worked for the BATC/QTC/BRC for about 30 years, and who lost her partner to the dreaded Spanish Dancer a few years back, and afterward threw herself heart and soul into her work so she could stop thinking day and night about her loss and attempt to ease the pain?

The older worker who was a mother hen to the younger crew and taught them how to work hard and proudly represent the club that she adored?

The senior staff member who was nailed to a cross for the crime of having such pride in her work that she took a few photos of a party her team had set up so that she could show off their work to her mates, and had the misfortune of doing so on the same day that I stopped at the track to check out the course resurface and happened to chance upon a semaphore board lit up wishing Nifty Nev a happy 70th birthday?

The innocent widow sacked on the spot by a paranoid CEO for something that she never done, and locked out by Neville Bell when one time she was the catering champion of the world?

Well if the Widow can get sacked for transmitting images from the track when she didn’t, what will happen to one of Nifty Nev’s private horse trainers when it becomes public knowledge that they recorded and distributed the footage of Wednesday’s infield stable flooding that featured on this site late last week?

Will Whimpey Dave and Nifty Nev sack the well-connected and vastly experienced multiple Group 1 winner too?

Will the man who once trained a colt that broke many a drought be warned off for filming and publishing a flood?

What a bloody nuisance that would be.

Is it one rule for all under the BRC dictatorship Nifty Neville Bell, or are some animals more equal than others in the Eagle Farm zoo?

The buck stops with the ringmaster either way though doesn’t it brother?

Step right up, step right up!

Everyone loves a circus.

At the BRC there are plenty of clowns.