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What can I say? Some pictures simply speak for themselves Tornado.


Race 1 – Island Sunset

Young Kiwi apprentice Rebecca Goldsbury has ridden winners at some of the Land of the Long White Cloud’s most famous tracks including Awapuni and Trentham, home of the famous Telegraph Handicap, and has been going well since coming over to Queensland with a strike rate at Toowoomba of a most respectable winner every five and a half rides, and a deadly 50% win record at Dalby.

The apprentice takes 1.5kg off Island Sunset and gives the horse a live chance in the race, but Tornado reckons that the current price of about $5.00 is a bit under the odds for a 6-year-old mare that’s only won 1 race so proceed with caution and at your own risk if you’re looking to back it ‘cos though it will be trying there’s little value to be had here.

Race 2 – Occhilupo

Named after the famous surfer, which is a bit ironic given that the only waves up on the Great Dividing Range are the ones that QRIC have created with their non-stop knocks on Ben’s door and fruitless raids on his stable (there was another one yesterday would you believe, more on that later).

Young Rebecca legs up again to reduce the topweight’s burden from 59 down to 57.5kg, but its still a fair impost for a horse just out of the maidens. Tornado gives it a good chance but believes that it too is a bit under the odds at the current price of $3.40 and recommends its buyer beware because there are no bargains on sale here.

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I blame the weird current handicapping system with the discretionary objective ratings of early winners and the concessional conditions for non-recent winners myself. How on earth can a horse who has only the fourth highest rating and who boasts the equal lowest career earnings in a race like this one be handed the topweight?

It’s a mystery that is absolutely beyond me, and personally I reckon it’s an illustration that there is something wrong with the current handicapping system, but ever the diplomat Tornado didn’t wish to comment when I put my views to him other than to say that the handicappers have a tough job and do it well.

A career in politics may well await the young lad if he ever gets bored with horses.

Race 3 – With a Promise/One Golden Day

With a Promise will be scratched and sent to the spelling paddock after a most disappointing Spring campaign, much to the relief of true believers like me who kept backing it this prep on the back of its Winter Carnival heroics and ended up with the arse out of our pants.

Tornado advises that these things sometimes happen with mare’s in their 4 year old year and of course history shows us that he’s right, so she’s off for a decent rest and a bit of a fine tune and hopefully she’ll be back firing on all cylinders again in the winter, but just don’t expect to see her going round in a Tatts Tiara at Eagle Farm unless they decide next year to go down the US route and run it on the dirt.

Our Golden Day is the Tornado runner left in the field and it wins on one leg, although his trainer gently cautions to remember Ken Howard’s famous maxim about betting odds on and running up steps by whispering a single four letter word ……AJAX.

Race 4 – Maitre de Jeur

Promising local nineteen-year old 2-kilo claimer Baylee Northdurft hops aboard this 7-year-old former Kiwi and Victorian provincial class stayer who’s having its first start for the Tornado stable over the seemingly unsuitable 1300 metre Clifford Park trip, but our man Benny’s brimming with confidence about this old boy and to my utter surprise declares him the barn’s best bet of the day.

If you’re game enough to follow Tornado’s mail I’d suggest that you refrain from looking at the form guide, but when a bloke who’s training one winner for every four that he sends to the track tells you that he’s found the key to a horse and has it flying it would be a brave punter trying to get out of a horrible day before the missus comes home in ten minutes who wouldn’t listen.

Tornado’s Top Tip of the Day – these aren’t tips, just humble words of reply under the intense blaze of a barrage of questions fired by a highly excited Archie. Trainers don’t tip, and neither does the Tornado. We’re just new best friends having a yarn, that’s all.

Race 5 – Mishani Khan

Imran’s half-brother ran an inglorious 12th of 12 beaten 25 lengths on the dirt at Roma first start so if this race was being run at Eagle Farm you’d have him at 1000-1, but back to the turf Tornado says he might improve.


But not much.

There are a few better chances among the stable runners today, quite a few, Tornado’s politely evasive non-answers and I don’t knows to my succession of probing questions about why this horse is so short in the betting market suggest to me.

Tornado does finally concede that his stable runners seem to always open up under their true odds, and when I ask him if its because his stable’s on fire his casual modest shrug evokes memories from my childhood of the Fonz.

 Race 6 – Margot

Tornado rates this one a top chance of getting home first but advises that in his estimation the price that the bookies have opened it is way too short.

I disagree with him, and reckon it’s a moral that you should load up on now.

Listen to who you like sportsfans, but I reckon an indigent handsome writer who stays up all night’s got it all over a rich young punk who goes to down to bed at 9pm every day of the week, and don’t you worry about that.

Race 7 – Mishani Electra

Mishani, mishani, mishani.

I’m getting a bit bloody sick of it myself – what is this, the gallops or the bloody greyhounds Mr Bale Bale Bale? – but Tornado’s loving the whole Mishani thing, most particularly the checks in the mail he gets from their owners enclosed in an account marked PAID.

I guess when you have 85 horses in work to feed who could bloody blame you either.

This Mishani is Electra, and Josh Oliver ‘Twist’ legs aboard for the ride.

A very good chance to put a cherry on your winning day the Tornado advises with a smile stretched across his ugly but cheery dial.

That’s good enough for me.

Thank you very much for kindly giving us your time and letting us pick your brain while you picked your nose Tornado. Just remember next time, the first shout’s yours. And the second too.

Best of luck punters.

Good health to you all, and have a winning day.