According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Brisbane Racing Club, Mr Whimpey David Whimpey, a punter transmitting racing materials filmed at a BRC-owned racecourse for commercial gain is in breach of the Conditions of Entry to the track.

These Conditions of Entry are very, very hard to find and do not appear to be published on the BRC website. so we cannot confirm that what Whimpey Dave has averred is actually true, but let’s just assume that is it.

Whimpey Dave has a commercial interest in a company named Year of the Monkey Pty Ltd, which is majority owned by his wife and that of former Racing Queensland acting CEO and previous BRC Board Member Slippery Sam Adams.

Year of the Monkey Pty Ltd trades as Bet Fairy, or latterly Bet Fairy friend. Copyright documents submitted in a patent application made to the United Nations show clearly that despite the company being nominally owned by his wife, Bet Fairy is at the very least under the partial control of the BRC CEO, although those to whom he has attempted to hard sell the product in the members enclosure at Doomben say that Whimpey’s involvement is far from partial, and that his control is perhaps absolute.

The images below are stills from a video reproduced from the Instagram web page of Bet Fairy. The recording – which can be found in full at this address – has clearly been made at the BRC-owned Doomben racecourse during the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival.


The vision includes moving images of the finish of a race at the Doomben course, and has clearly been recorded and published in flagrant breach of the BRC’s media rights and in breach of the copyright owned by Sky Channel under the race broadcasting agreement they have struck with the club.

It is unthinkable that the CEO of the club would have allowed the BRC to grant permission for Bet Fairy – a commercial business entity from which he patently derives commercial benefit – to record or broadcast this footage when other people and/or companies or organisations are prohibited from doing so.

Mr Nick Meredith, a keen racegoer affiliated with a Twitter group called the Punters Collective – which has not at any stage been demonstrated to be a commercially profitable entity – has been issued a twelve month ban from stepping foot on any racecourse owned by the BRC for the terrible crime of taking a still image of the on-course semaphore board and publishing it on Twitter.

The commercial entity owned by David Whimpey and at least partially controlled by that person has published moving image footage of the semaphore board, the finish of a race, scenes from the racetrack, and images of individuals, at least one of whom we are aware has at no stage granted permission for the publication of such images.

Will the BRC issue their Chief Executive Officer David Whimpey a cease and desist order as they have Mr Meredith?

Will the BRC ban Mr Whimpey Dave from attending the course?

If not, why not?

If yes, for how long?

Surely given the flagrant and deliberate breach of the club’s media rights performed by Mr Whimpey’s associated company just one month after the CEO issued Mr Meredith the cease and desist order for exactly the same infringement deserves a penal sanction of the most severe order.

Let’s be Frank shall we Betty?

If Nick Meredith truly deserves a year out, then David Whimpey should be warned off racecourses for life.

Are the BRC fair dinkum about treating all racegoers equally?

Are they serious about penalising breaches of club policies?

Are they committed to policing the integrity of the broadcast agreement?

Or is one rule for the Bitch, and one rule for fans of the Roar?

I guess we are about to find out Sportsfans.

Over to Mr Nifty Neville Bell.