This here is the South East Queensland track information for trainers, as published in the November 2017 edition of the monthly racing calendar, contained within the Racing Queensland funded, commissioned and produced Race Magazine, a good read and a cracker of a glossy publication.

Apparently according to the racing control body headed by the Desert Vet ET you can work your horse on the course proper at Eagle Farm right now, which has to be music to the ears of all the sportsfans waiting with bated breath to see if the Straddie is going to be run at the Farm next year.

The availability of the grassed track to work on will surprise some, but they know not the power of the Extra Terrestrial midget, for he can and will shock, awe and amaze, and he has too because Eliot G (for genius) Forbes has brought sexy back and put grass back on the Eagle Farm course proper.

The bloke’s a bloody genius.

I’m taking my mare Carrington Park out to the Farm right now!

See you after trackwork sportsfans!