G’day Whirlwind, it’s Archie again – Butterfly, initials A.J. – and I have a few more questions, which given that you’ve called an early halt to the Annual Meeting I will now consent to putting on notice.

Would Mr Eliot ‘ET’ Forbes please provide a response to the following questions by close of business on Monday 4 December 2017.

The CEO’s reponses will be published in full and unabridged on this website as soon as practicable after their receipt.


(1) During the period that Eliot Forbes was working as a veterinary surgeon in Macau what was his knowledge about major animal welfare issues at the greyhound racing track known as the Canindrome?

(2) Was Mr Forbes aware that under-performing greyhounds were being imported en-masse from Australia during the time that he was working as a veterinary surgeon in the small island?

(3) Did he know that each and all of these greyhounds were being mass killed by lethal injection at the end of their racing careers?

(4) Did Mr Forbes ever participate in the euthanisation of greyhounds in Macau, either on a voluntary basis or for paid reward?

(5) Does Mr Forbes know the identities of veterinary surgeons that engaged in the wanton killing of retired greyhounds in Macau by lethal injection or by any other manner of causing unnecessary death?

(6) If so, is Mr Forbes prepared and willing to provide the names and details of these exponents of animal cruelty to Australian regulatory bodies and animal welfare groups?

(7) During the period that he worked in Dubai what was Mr Forbe’s involvement with endurance racing, an event in which horses race over distances of 120 kilometres and more?


(8) Is Mr Forbes aware of the excessively high numbers of deaths among horses competing in endurance events, including the verified deaths of three horses within days during a high-profile event?

(9) Did Mr Forbes participate in the revision of the rules of endurance racing in any of the years 2007-2010, and if so what was the extent of his participation?

(10) What was the extent of Mr Forbes involvement with either or both of greyhound racing or Saluki racing during his time in Dubai?


(11) Is and/or was Mr Forbes aware that his ultimate employer in Dubai –  Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – is a passionate devotee of Saluki racing, owns 300 racing dogs and describes the sport as “90% of my life”?

(12) Is and/or was Mr Forbes aware that all Saluki racing dogs in Dubai and other regions of the United Arab Emirates are live baited at the age of 6 months?


(13) Is he aware that this live baiting involves the juvenile Saluki dog watching its parent chase down and kill a live rabbit placed in an enclosure with the 2 Saluki’s, and that following the first animal murder – and while the adult dog is otherwise engaged ripping the live rabbit to pieces – another live rabbit is placed in the enclosure for the young dog to mimic its parent by hunting down and killing?

(14) What was Mr Forbe’s knowledge of, or participation in, the live baiting of Saluki dogs at any time whilst he was employed in Dubai?


(15) Is and or/was Mr Forbes aware of animal cruelty issues in the greyhound racing industry in the UAE, either during the period that he was employed in Dubai or at any other time?

(16) Was or is Mr Forbes aware of the mass euthanisation programs employed on greyhounds in the UAE when they had reached the end of their useful racing lives?

(17) Did Mr Forbes participate, witness or otherwise have any involvement in the euthanisation of greyhounds while employed in the UAE?

(18) If yes, what was the full extent of Mr Forbes involvement?

(19) Prior to his return to Australia in 2010 has Mr Forbes ever publicly spoken out against animal cruelty in the sport of greyhound racing in Macau and the UAE; Saluki racing in Qatar or the UAE; or endurance horse racing anywhere? If not, why not?

(20) Does Mr Forbes continue to believe that he is a fit and proper person to head Racing Queensland, a statutory racing control body that has an overarching commitment to animal welfare and integrity in each of the racing codes?