TOOWOOMBA Turf Club chairman Bob Frappell claims the powers in the State Government’s proposed Racing Integrity Bill are so excessive they make Queensland’s controversial anti-bikie laws look “like a set of school rules”.

Frappell has raised serious concerns about several sections in the Bill, which needs to be passed in Parliament before the State Government can officially launch the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC).

In a letter addressed to industry stakeholders, Frappell said “a close examination reveals the powers in this bill give them (QRIC) more power than the Queensland Police Service and make the VLAD (Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment) laws look like a set of school rules”.

Frappell said the Bill would give QRIC the power to hold Queensland race clubs at ransom in the future.

“In basic terms the bill outlines a very broad disciplinary process that is wide open to abuse of powers giving the integrity commission the power to shut down not only the racing side of a club but its potential other revenue streams like bar and functions,” Frappell said.

“Plus it allows it to shut down non racing related business (e.g. the Brisbane Racing Club’s Gallopers Sports Club or the Tattersall’s Club) also.

“The Minister has reportedly said there is no intention to use these powers.

“(But) imagine if these powers were in the hands of a vindictive revengeful megalomaniac that tried to force a club or stakeholder to do something to which they were philosophically opposed.

“We could have (a) situation that anyone that was opposed to a certain proposal would be victimised with no redress.

“We could also have the situation that if they did not like you or wanted you removed from any position or any part of the industry you would not be able to prevent it….

Editor’s Note: Gee this actually sounds like the Brisbane Racing Club doesn’t it?