So the Gujatari billionaire Gautum Adani – net worth about $9 billion USD, double that of both Jamie Packer and Twiggy Forrest, and greater than that of the pair combined – is as black as the coal he sells is he?

Well according to Drunken Dessie Houghton – the Stanley Kowalski of the BrisVegas mainstream media industry – he is. Gautam Adani is a black man, Dessie proclaims, and that’s why Queenslanders don’t want to give the foreign based tycoon massive loans that he doesn’t need so he can build a ‘shared’ railway line that no-one else will use.


You could have fooled me that Adani was black like the coal he wants to rip out of Queensland and sell for a motza to the Asian markets.

He sorta looks coffee colored doesn’t he? Flat white coffee colored.

Nothing like the color of a lump of coal at all really.


Who are the real racists here?

The wise punters of the Pineapple Land who aren’t racists at all – isn’t Jonathon Thurston the King of Queensland brown skinned? And isn’t Mal Meninga? – but aren’t keen to advance a billion dollar loan to foreign marauder whose sole aim is to rape our resources and sell them for personal profit to the export market, and doesn’t need our loan anyway because he has $8 000 million to pay for his railway line into the great big dredged hole in the Great Barrier Reef that he calls a port himself?

Or is the racist a sycophantic sly grog swilling white defender of the wealthy who has kept himself in the style to which he has been accustomed over several decades by selling his journalistic soul down the sewer and into the sea, and has seen his once glittering career vanish into the salt-water never-never with it?

Back when I was fifteen I worked briefly with Drunken Dessie at the Daily Sun, back in the days when the fellas riding the same fast-rising Rupert-owned magic carpet that he was given the opportunity to board fondly used to call Dessie the Dasher rather than simply a wanton waste of talent and a dickhead like they do today.


Those ‘fellas’ were the young Sun editor John ‘Harto’ Hartigan, who would rise and rise and soar until he eventually became News Limited’s Aussie boss in charge of the whole sheep station, and Col ‘the C*nt’ Allen who went on to run the New York Post and turned it from near failure into a money making mega-machine, personally earning millions of dollars in salary and performance based bonus payments for his troubles.

Hartigan and Allen, although chalk and cheese in personality, were august company in terms of the newspaper world, and went on to climb to the top of the tree as far as commercial money-making mainstream media goes, and theirs is the pond in which Drunken Dessie was swimming in back in 1985.

Houghton had the world at his feet and the future was his oyster, yet here he is 32 years later still hunched over the same typewriter like a clam banging out errant nonsense and doing the bidding of anyone who pays in kind and calling it news. It’s a waste of talent that might be described as a tragedy if only Drunken Dessie wasn’t such an unprincipled c*nt, because in my humble view he was far and away the best writer of the Harto/Col the C*nt/Dasher triumvirate that ran the Sun back in the day.

But something clearly happened along the way that saw Dessie stay rooted on terra BrisVegas firma while his mates flew, and he’s remained here ever since, losing even more credibility with each tall tale posing as truth that he writes and word by word through a combination of sloth, indolence and an insatiable bent for the easy earn and a drink Drunken Dessie has reduced his standing so far to the point that he has become little more than a standing joke, an object of mirth among readers and colleagues alike.

A standing joke who claims we’re all bloody racists for picking on his coal black mate who’s not Gautum Adani and questioning the wisdom of the State of Queensland slinging him a billion bucks as a loan to kick off a business when he’s already got $9 billion of his own locked up in about a thousand different businesses, most of them shelf company fronts registered in tax haven immune from the claws of ASIC and Australian law.


Let’s call a spade a spade, a shovel a bloody shovel, a lump of coal and Dessie’s bullsh*t excrement and human dung.

Gautam Adani has not been refused a billion dollar loan by the Queensland Government because of the color of his skin; he has been refused it because of the content of his character.

Environmental destruction, tax avoidance, price fixing and manipulation, exploitation of vulnerable workers, illegal importation of commodities, fraud, bribery of police and government officials – you name it, Adani or his companies have done it.

We don’t want or need the Indian tycoon’s type digging up our fast-diminishing stock of natural resources and offshoring all the profits without paying his proper whack of tax as the form guide shows he is so regularly wont to do.

It doesn’t matter if he’s black or white: lending a billion dollars to Gautum Adani just isn’t right.

Color ain’t to blame. Shame Dessie Houghton, shame.