Question One:

Why is Eliot Forbes continuing to call himself a Doctor when he’s not, in breach of the Australian Veterinary Association guidelines?


Question Two:

Why was Eliot Forbes giving exhaustive written and oral evidence to the Australian Competition Tribunal in support of the Tabcorp/Tatts merger when Tatts had only recently been awarded a 30 year contract as the Queensland monopoly wagering services provider?


Question Three:

Why was Forbes not actually giving evidence for the Tatts Group, the company that by law provided a proportion of its profits to fund the Queensland racing, greyhound and harness racing industries?


Question Four:

Eliot Forbes provided a sworn statement on 8 March 2017 to the Australian Competition Tribunal quoting from from a report into the Size and scope of the Queensland Racing Industry conducted by consultants IER.

Why did the Racing Queensland annual report issued just 6 months after Forbes made his sworn statement quoting from the IER report state that the Queensland racing industry sustained 9 546 full-time equivalent jobs, when the exact same page of the report he was quoting from stated that the industry in fact sustained 18 580 full-time equivalent jobs, almost double the number claimed in the Annual Report.


  • The Queensland racing industry halved in size in just 8 years?
  • Forbes committed perjury?;
  • Or been party to an offence against the Corporations Act?; or
  • Is the expensively commissioned report just plain wrong?



Question Five

If Racing Queensland accepts that prize money is an essential component of sustaining the depth and quality of Queensland race fields as Eliot Forbes has sworn at paragraph 46 of his statement to the Competition Tribunal, why did the organisation that he leads slash prize money by between 7.7 – 60% just a couple of years earlier?



Question Six

When are Eliot Forbes or his employer Racing Queensland going to answer the very serious questions we have put to them and published on this site about Forbes knowledge of animal cruelty practices in endurance racing and the greyhound and saluki racing sports in Macau, Qatar and Dubai during his time working as variously a veterinary practitioner, surgeon or steward in those countries?