Here’s a question for the members of the Brisbane Racing Club to ask the Directors of the Board on Saturday.

Has the accused fraudster and undischarged bankrupt Wayne ‘ Waynie Poo’ Innes been stripped by the club of the perpetual membership it gave him as contra for unidentified work performed for someone or some entity while at the same time he was ripping off the club, its members, Racing Queensland and every taxpayer in the State?

Here’s another one.

How was it in fact that a previously convicted and jailed felon came to be granted a perpetual life membership of the BRC when an honest Queenslander with a clean rap sheet like me can’t even get a foot in the door because I open my trap when I see something afoul?

Crooks are welcome and honest men need not apply? Is that how Brisbane racing works? Puh-lease Nifty, you’re the one dressed up like an English dandy on a scorching 45 degree Vegas summer’s day and sweating like a charred suckled pig, not me. I’m cool, calm, relaxed and comfortable over here in the paddock clobbered up in Cal Kleins, a Chesty and a left-right pair of Converse All Star Suede Originals thank you very much.

Tell us though, who exactly paid for the Poo’s multi-thousand dollar perpetual badge, and where’s the receipt?

Did anyone pay at all?

Why? Or why not?

Back to starting where we began at the start of the beginning, sort of behind the barriers like, have the BRC actually formally revoked or cancelled Innes card?

How many times has the accused fraudster with the big mouth been to the members at the track since he took the dept-dodgers dive into insolvency and official receivership, aka Bankruptcy?


You know I’d bet next week’s wages – if I had a job – that I saw the Poo in the suits and ties enclosure at least twice during the Winter Carnival, back in the days when no bugger knew my mug and I could slip over the low car park fence and through a marquee and melt in without being noticed to avoid the midday sun’s hyperactive glare.

It was the Poo alright, I knew the greybeard with the Kenny Rogers close trim from my days idling in the corner of the Albany Creek TAB a few years back when it was till attached to the pub, and before that at pubs around the Chermside/Kedron zone, a venue choice I always thought weird from afar because the bugger never seemed to drink.

Anyway, if I’m right and Wayne Innes has been using his badge to enter the members enclosure since the date of his bankruptcy on the 27th of April 2017 – the week before the carnival kicked off – then who’s to blame?

Is it the Poo himself?

How’s he supposed to know that going BR disqualifies him from membership? After all he’s an earthmoving contractor, not a lawyer.

Does the BRC advise its members that they have a duty to report insolvency matters to the club? Do ordinary members of the company – yes it is a company, not an association, a stupid structure that creates all sorts of unseen difficulties including this one – even have a common law, constitutional or legislative obligation to disclose their personal financial affairs?

Is it Whimpey Dave and his management team’s fault?

I’d say yes. Whether or not they knew the Poo had taken the BR dive, they certainly knew that he had been charged with alleged criminal offences of fraud in relation to his dealings with the club, and was on bail. What f*cking brain dead CEO who held that knowledge would continue to allow a bloke like Innes to swan around the members area shaking decent club men’s hand and pretending that nothing had happened?


It’s more than reckless: it’s a f*cking disgrace. Sure a fella is innocent until a jury or judge finds them guilty, and until that time they are entitled to a presumption in their favor, but Jesus H Christ this joker Innes is alleged to have ripped racing off blind in an organised criminal conspiracy with his co-offender Shuck.

So why is he being allowed on course and why are people who should know better shaking his hands, including a number of the club’s Directors? It’s just bullshit and at the end of the day the Directors have to carry the can for it.

Did they send Innes a notice advising him that his membership was void? Did they cancel his badge and wipe it off the system so that he couldn’t gain access through the electronic swipe card gate? Did they do any bloody thing at all other than fete Innes and greet him like a long lost friend?

No-one should be surprised I guess. After all these are the same vainglorious glad-handling halfwits who allowed lifelong professional criminal Peter Foster into the members enclosure on the same day they threw scrupulously honest and ethical racing writer Phil Purser out because they didn’t like the style of his prose.

Anyway that was then, and here we are now, and Wayne bloody Innes needs to be banned from Brisvegas racecourses until either he is proved innocent of the charges against him, or for forever and a day if the court finds he did in fact defraud the industry and in the process pick the pockets of every bugger in it.

It’s an issue of integrity.

Someone might care to teach those in charge of Brisbane racing how to spell it.