The mighty Destreos has done it again!

At the grand old age of 14 on Sunday night in Hobart the iron horse won his 98th race at his 442nd start, with 136 placings along the way, giving him the unbelievable strike rates of 22.2% the win and 52.5% the place over the longest career in harness racing that I can ever remember in more than 40 years of following the sport.

Here’s the commemorative 98th victory photograph below.


It was an extraordinary performance by the horse who had his first start way back in 2006 in the shadows of the Greenlane Hospital where the love of my life Maggie was born across the road from the Alexandra Park Paceway, and like Forrest Gump has never stopped running since.

In between then and Sunday the iron horse has competed in Group Races and Tuesday afternoon walks at Albion Park, heats of the Interdominion and restricted grade events at the Gold Coast (in fact he’s probably the only horse still racing to ever compete in an Open Class pace at Parklands), muddling Wednesday afternoon affairs to midweeks in Launceston, and in every single one of those 442 starts across 2 countries and 3 states Destreos has tried his bloody heart out, and there is no higher praise for any racing or pacing horse than that.

The great champion Paleface Adios won more races – 108 in total, to be precise – and he did it in just half the number of race starts; but Paleface was an out and out champion on ability.

Destreos is a champion on heart, and the fact that he took more than twice as long to draw within ten wins of one of the greatest pacers in Australian harness racing history is a massive credit to him, not a knock.

This is the people’s horse, the epitome of everything that harness racing stands for and all of the things that the trots are all about.

When we get Queensland pacing clean again and build a first class track with a difference somewhere old but new like the Gold Coast, and bring the razzle dazzle back to the sport and make it fun again, there’s only one name I’ll be putting forward to have the grandstand named after, and ain’t Kevin and Kay Seymour that’s for sure.

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls;

Welcome to the first night of the rest of Harness Racing’s life!

Welcome to the excitement zone!

Welcome to Dessss-treeeee-oooouuuussss stadium!

We’re ready to ruuuummmmmbbbblllle!

Lets’s go!

Editors Note: You can watch a replay the great Destreos’ 98th win by clicking here.

Go you good thing! Just two more! Nail that ton son!