This statement appears on the Racing Queensland website.

It is not, and can not, be true.

The company UBET – a subsidiary of the Tasmanian parent company the Tatts Group -was not even formed until 1 July 1999, and that is not 55 years ago.

And UBET does not ‘support’ the Queensland Racing Industry, quite to the contrary, Queensland Racing supports UBET by granting it a long-term monopoly bricks and mortar wagering licence, and by supplying the company with the racing product that enables it to record massive annual profits.


As I said, UBET didn’t even exist until 1999 and that is because it was not until that particular year that a short-sited, reckless to the point of insanity, and quite probably bribed ALP Ministerial Caucus made the dumb, dumb and dumber decision to privatise the long publicly owned Queensland TAB and effectively transfer an ongoing lifelong licence to print money out of public ownership and into the greedy paws of the corporate wagering industry.

So don’t believe the 55 year lie that UBET so cravenly love to spread, and don’t believe UBET’s whinging and moaning about the evils of unfair competition from the corporate bookmakers either.

UBET are a corporate bookmaker!

Its what they are and what they do, and anything they tell you otherwise is just a low-down loathsome lie.

Trust is built on a bedrock of truth UBET and Racing Queensland.

Why don’t you both try to start telling it?

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