See that there law at the top?

The one that’s been part of the law of the Wide Brown Land for the last 33 years?

It says that you can’t discriminate against a person on the basis of their relationship status, or equally on the basis that they don’t have one.

Two of the areas that you are not allowed to discriminate in are clubs (like the BRC) and the provision of goods and services.

The sale or service of food for example, including food served in a cardboard box masquerading as a picnic hamper.


See that synopsis of the movie the Santa Clause above?

The idiot savants at the Brisbane Racing Club who spent weeks of their time and ten thousand dollars or more of club members funds setting up a stand alone website promoting free showings of moldy old Christmas DVD’s on a projector screen at the racecourse without a track can’t even perform a simple task like getting the name of the old American rerun they are spruiking right.

The movie is not ‘Santa Claus’ as the BRC boffins would have you believe: it’s ‘The Santa Clause’, and the E is an integral part of the joke.

As you can see from the short blurb the BRC have published on its website the movies about a single dad named Scott who is looking after his son on Christmas Eve when things go horribly astray.

If Scott wants to buy a hotdog on the way to pick up his kid the hot dog seller can’t refuse to sell it to him unless Scott buys one for his wife as well.

Firstly Scott doesn’t have a wife because he’s a single dad; and secondly under the Sex Discrimination Act it’s illegal to discriminate against Scott on the basis that he’s single.


See that menu above?

It’s for an Aussie Christmas Hamper, one of only three types of hampers being sold to the free movie punters lounging on the only grass left at Eagle Farm, the lush stuff in front of the stand.

Look closely at the price at the bottom of the menu – its a price per couple.

How much is the single price? There is no single price, just one for a couple.

Oh well, we’ll try the Merry Christmas hamper instead.

How much is it?


How much is the price for a single person?

You guessed it, there isn’t one. Only a price for a couple, and there is no option offered that allows you to split in half.

It will have to be third time lucky I guess. It’s been a while since we’ve been one, but we’ll try the kids hamper instead. Surely not even the anti-brain surgeons who surround Whimpey Dave and tell him daily that he’s a genius couldn’t be that stupid that they would expect kids to come in pairs.

They wouldn’t, would they?


They did.

Words escape me.

But hey, isn’t that discrimination? Doesn’t it constitute a flagrant breach not only of simple common sense, but also of the law of the land?

Aren’t race clubs supposed to have race tracks?

Isn’t water wet?

Yes, yes and yes.

Does this once-leading Australian racing club that’s been led into the gutter by its current ‘me, me and mine’ mob of Robber Barons cloaked as Board Members ever get anything right?