The story about Eagle Farm being f*cked for the Winter Carnival is an exclusive it Courier Mail and Mr Grant Stockwell?

Pigs arse it is.

I broke the story exclusively here on this website on the 16th of October 2017, and I didn’t pick it up from a pair of fucking press releases sent out yesterday by Racing Queensland and the BRC; I did it through old fashioned hard work and investigative slog and uncovered and printed the story all on my Pat Malone and at a time when the Courier Mail were still falling over themselves backwards to back their heavy advertising client and echo their craven lies about getting racing back on track at Headquarters in time for May.

It was never going to happen but the odds of the BRC telling you that in a press release prior to my outing them were astronomical. You had do a bit of spade work and get your hands dirty researching the issue to get to the truth, but questioning, critically examining and investigating is the core of a journalists trade, that and fact checking of course.

Oh fact checking! Did you see Grant Stockwell’s f*ck up in yesterday’s paper when he reported Dynamic Darryl Hansen’s 9 month disqualification but somehow neglected to add that it had been overturned on appeal, despite the fact that he had spoken to Dynamic and interviewed him for the story.


It’s f*cking shoddy journalism all right, the sort of crap stuff that brings with it the ignominy of printing a groveling apology the next morning to the bloke who did the right thing by giving you his time and his thoughts, only to wake up the next morning to find that through design or sheer incompetence you’d f*cked him six ways to Sunday as your own very special way of saying thanks.

Stockwell has tried to f*ck me too by cravenly claiming one of my hard found stories as his own, but do you know what sportsfans?

The only person Gladhand Grant Stockwell is fucking is himself.

Everyone in racing reads this site , which means that everyone in racing knows that the no Winter Carnival at Eagle Farm story is mine and mine alone, and that Stockwell’s simply either pinched it or was just arrogant enough to believe that he coild ride into town on his Malvern Star Ladies Racer and start sh*tting on everyone who doesn’t choose to sell their soul and their arse to Rupert Murdoch because they have enough confidence in themselves and their ability to leave Mummy’s bosom and head out to have a good hard crack at keeping their artistic freedom and making it on their own.

Want a real exclusive punters?

I have two for you.

The first is that Grant Stockwell is about a million to one of being a racing writer at the Courier-Mail this time next year, and that he’ll blow to five millions if I don’t get a call this morning to discuss my personal and professional indignation at his form.

The second is that an exclusive story about the court throwing out a live baiting related case is about to break this morning, and that when it does a whole lot of live baiting prosecutions are all of a sudden going to look wobblier than a blue bottle washed up on sand at Brighton.

This is a real exclusive story sportsfans, one that I’ve worked for months to get and that no-one else has, a bit like the Eagle Farm’s f*cked exposure series of stories was when you think about it upon reflection.

Gladhand ‘Grant Stockwell.

Remember that name readers.

That c*nts cards are marked.

And that’s an exclusive.

Or was until I just told you it anyway.

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