Someone asked me at the races today how I manipulate the photos I publish on this site to make them so humorous.

The answer is that I don’t.

Every photo you see here is the original image, as taken by the person behind the lens. I can’t help it if people pose for stupid pictures.

I can do something about violence toward women though.

I can stand up and say WTF? No, no, no, no, no!

Just like the Bantam has done, and good on him too.

Domestic violence is like child abuse: if we all stop shying away from it out of fear or embarrassment or not wanting to get involved, and instead find some courage and stand up and shout about how evil these insidious hidden crimes truly are then we can stop it tomorrow.

It’s up to you.

Battered, beaten and scared women almost always find themselves isolated and alone by the control freak animals who perpetrate the violence against them. They need Good Samaritans to help them escape the cycle of abuse.

They need a neighbour.

Are you there?