This is a Facebook message I sent to the Courier-Mail’s mature age apprentice racing ‘writer’ Grant Stockwell this morning after learning that he had appropriated a few of my stories, mashed them up with a pair of identical press releases that the whole of the Australian media received and reported, put a couple of quotes on top and called it an exclusive.

In the journo game we call it a fraud, and Stockwell a thief. People think I’m being uncharacteristically prissy about this professional matter, and one of my oldest friends even had a shot at me this afternoon telling me to get off my high horse and get back to doing what I do best, exposing corruption, crooks, crime and criminals, and writing about racing.

He may be a lawyer old Tezza, but I was always one step ahead of him and that is exactly what I was planning to do, and had the guns loaded.

All I needed was once certain overconfident drug addicted woman-bashing, child hurting coward to show the world how stupid he was by taking the bait.

He did.




Poor misguided fool?

Stockwell’s long suffering grandfather, battling trainer Les Stockwell, would be turning in his grave at his grandson’s absolute stupidity, but I guess he’d had to put up with it for so long that after a while the devil in Stockwell Junior’s heart and the vacuum in his brain became almost normal.

Bashing women and hurting kids?

It’s not normal is it. Life doesn’t have to be like this.

Sit back and take a seat sportsfans. Grab yourself a drink and some nibbles. Make yourself comfortable because we have a movie marathon coming up over the next few days.

The series is called ‘Come in Spinner – Archie Gives the Punters a Master Class in How to Torch a C*nt Who Bashes Women and Terrorises Little Girls’.

You should have done your research winner.

Archie fucking hates animals who hurt children, hates them like poison, hates them even more than he hates grubs who bash women, and that’s twenty elephants more than a thousand f*cking parking lots, don’t you worry about that.

Poor misguided fool?


You are certainly misguided, and a fool indeed, but there’s not a scrap of f*cking sympathy for a piece of sh*t c*nt like you.

Poor bloody victims, that’s what I say.

You paid your money prick.

Now its time to take the ride.