‘Do as I say, not as I do’ the old fable of hypocrisy goes I believe.

It seems that the woman bashing, child hurting, ice-junkie thief, liar, coward, c*nt, criminal, loser, lightweight and totally misguided fool Grant Stockwell, the News Corp employee with the very poor judgement who decided to take Archie on.

Bad move mate.

Archie hates grubs who lay hands on women, and he hates men who hurt little girls even more, because Archie knows what its like to be hurt that way as a kid and it ain’t good, it ain’t good at all.

No-one is doing that under my watch and getting away with it, and I don’t give if they are the Prime Minister, a guest of her majesty the Queen or just some fucker in between. You hurt a kid and I find out about it and I’m going to hurt you, and the pen is far mightier than the sword if you know how to push it.

I do.

We all need to hurt people who hurt kids; it’s the only way to stop them doing it. Call them out, name and shame them, let the court of public opinion be their judge and opprobrium their sentence.

Don’t be afraid. These vile vipers can smell fear from three miles away, and slither in and prey on it, but that’s because they are weak, spineless snakes who wear many skins, just like this Courier-Mail c*nt Stockwell does.

Look at what the prick did to young Luke Tarrant, a talented kid whose talent and hard work led him into a bit of money he wasn’t mature enough to handle, and who made a simple bloody mistake like millions of young kids around Australia do. He snorted a bit of Coke, liked it, snorted some more and then he got sprung.

The folly of youth. Most of us just shook our heads, agreed he needed some time on the sidelines which would hopefully give him an incentive to address the issue/s, and hoped like hell that the nice little fella would get his shit together and get his life and career back on track.

He was only 21 for God’s sake. We all make mistakes when we were young. He’s copped what was coming and paid the price, and now it was time to unite behind him in support and give him a chance to come out of the spelling paddock fit and healthy and kick again to rise to the top of his sport.

That’s what decent men do, and women as well. They forgive a young person a mistake and try to help them get back on their feet if they fall.

Grant Stockwell’s not a decent man. In fact he’s not a man at all. He kicked Luke Tarrant while the poor kid was down and bleeding.


Stockwell put the f*cking boot in while the apprentice wasn’t able to defend himself, just like he put the boot into women and did something far worse to little girls.

There was a slight problem with Stockwell’s vicious, wicked, weak gutted attack on little Luke for returning a positive drug test.

Stockwell was a drug addict, and still is.

A glass pipe pumping meth head who’d get juiced up on ice and unleash the beast withing by bashing sheila’s and doing unmentionable things to little girls.

A dope smoking demon who sucked on a bong every day of his life, and was London to a Brick on to be both stoned as a c*nt and Iced off his head at 2.30 and 3.00am on the Thursday night that he launched his vitriolic attacks on a jockey who couldn’t fight back.

It’s the story of Stockwell’s life.

Cowardice, drug addiction, kicking people who can’t fight back, lies, deception, criminal acts, assaults, stalking, breached of DVO’s, thefts, frauds, cons – you name it, this sick hypocritical child hurter did it.

They’ve got many skins these snakes.

They’re all paper thin.

Chop the slimy c*nts heads off and they will all slither away and die.

Grant Stockwell good-bye.

And good f*cking riddance too Sonny Boy.