What you are about to witness is so unbelievable that it is stunning.

There have been ten harness racing identities arrested on match-fixing related charges over the past couple of months, and Blind Freddy and his guide dog Shirl can see that there are still many more to come.

The arrests have been all over the news, here in Vegas, interstate and abroad. Every bastard’s watching the races at Albion Park trying to spot a rort, including and in particular QRIC, the Queensland Racing police who all over cheating in sport like a full blown chicken pox rash and are proving deadly at picking the rorts out.

Every harness racing trainer and driver with half a brain knows this, and those with three-quarters of their mental faculties still intact understand that this is a time to be laying low and quiet, and sitting back in their carts doing the right thing and driving clean until the QRIC raging storm passes.

Everyone but Grant and Trista Dixon that is.

They are so greedy, so venally greedy and corrupt, so venally greedy and corrupt and used to being protected by the powers that be that they just couldn’t help themselves in Race Eight tonight at Albion Park.

They just had to cheat, and so they did.

It is so bloody obvious that you have to look at it two or three times to make sure that your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, but they are not. The pair of first class imbeciles and thieves really did cheat, and in the most blatant and obvious manner imaginable.


Grant Dixon the trainer has two horses in the race, the favorite Our Overanova which he drives in the race, and the roughie FourSharesMoreBeers which his wife Trista (nee Baz) drives.

It’s a long race. Ignore most of it and fast forward to the 3.20 mark.

Trista is in front in the horse in black and white checks.

Grant is on the horse in the red, black and white (there is only one) weaving a passage through the field until his horse is behind his wife’s and on its back. I personally reckon that a driver named Chris Petroff on Spud deliberately moves his horse out of the way to let Grant get there, but that is simply a combination of gut feeling and speculation on my behalf, and it’s not the big story that is going to see Trista and Grant Dixon ejected from the sport and quite possibly into the criminal courts.

At the 3.27 mark Trista takes a huge look to the right. She is of course looking for her husband Grant on the favorite, and sees that he has cut through onto her back.


The next bit is comical.

Between the 3.27 and 3.32 marks Grant Dixon – who clearly thinks his overacting will fool us all – leans his head out far to the right to make us think he’s looking for a run on the outside, then leans his head equally as far out to the left as if he is looking for a run on the inside, and then he swivels across to the the right again for a look, and then back again to the left.

As he takes his last long look to the left Trista looks to her right, and sees him.


You can see the looks clearly in the picture above can’t you?

Stevie Wonder could.

You can see the next bit as bright as day too.

Trista deliberately – totally deliberately – steers her horse hard left back toward the sprint lane to open up a passage for her husband’s horse to sail through,


Look at Trista’s horse – she’s twisted it almost sideways!

In fact Mrs Dixon is so eager to steer her horse out of the way far enough for Mr Dixon to get through that she actually over does it and cannons into the horse on her inside and knocks it flying

You can see it plainly in the still shot below; the horse on the inside is sent nearly arse over tit to the left, and Trista has to yank her horse back hard to the right to avoid sending it into the never never.


Meanwhile while all this is happening Grant simply slides through the gaping hole Trista’s treacherous trickery has created and Bob’s Your Uncle it goes whoosh and wins.

If Trista hadn’t done what she did Grant would never have got out of the pocket and into a gap, because there would not have been one. Watch a thousand races – any thousand, anywhere –  and you will never see this happen again.

That’s because the drivers in those thousand races aren’t match fixers, and don’t deliberately cheat punters and connections out of their hard earned dough, not unless the drivers are McMullen’s or one of their mates.

Trista Dixon cheated.

Grant Dixon was in on it.

They colluded and conspired to effect a pre-determined plan they had devised to ensure that Our Overanova won the race.

They fixed it so it would happen.

The married pair are match fixers.

Grant and Trista Dixon should be tarred and feathered and tied to a rack in the city square for all to see and heap scorn and vitriol on for abusing their privileged place in the sport ad spitting on all who love it and all who bet.

What a pair of brain-dead morons.

What a couplet of criminals.

What an absolute fucking disgrace.

We don’t types like the Dixon’s in racing.

We never did.

Put them out for life Mr Barnett, and never let them back in.