Page 13 of today’s Courier-Mail (above) – it’s unlucky for some.

Pages 1 and 2 of Courier-Mail racing ‘writer’ Grant Stockwell’s police rap sheet (below).


What a loser.

Many folk are telling me he’s a good mate of the CM Racing Editor Racin’ Nathan Exelby, and say that Exelby lined Stockwell up his short-lived racing ‘writer’ gig after the c*nt promised that he’d sort Archie Butterfly out.

It seems that Exelby’s judgement of human beings ability is about as good as his assessment of racehorse’s form, but still half a dozen steps below his commitment to ethical journalism and not copping contra graft in return for favorable tales.

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Who really paid for your trip overseas Nathan?

Did you pipe the payer’s tune?

(That’s a rhetorical question BTW; of course you f*cking did).

What does your lovely missus think about you being drinking buddies with a druggo criminal who bashes women and hurts little girls in real bad ways Nathan, terrible ways that really f*ck their heads up and cause them inestimable harm?

Ever read my live coverage of the Royal Commission son? You should because you might learn something new about your buddy if you don’t already know it. It f*cks victims up that crazed sh*t he perpetrates against them Nathan, although it won’t here because we’ve stopped the silence and we’re turning it back on your c*nt friend so that we can save a kid and her Mum’s life and future.

Grant Stockwell’s not gunna bash or hurt them anymore mate., or any other woman or child. Your buddy’s days as a hunter of defenseless prey are over Exelby. Now he’s the hunted and we’re all gunna bash him instead, and the f*cking c*nt deserves every ounce of the kicking coming to him too.

Victims of domestic violence and abuse are innocent mate. It’s not their fault that the Devil came knocking at their door. It never was.

It’s not their fault.

It never was.

This is not a misprint, its a survivors mantra and the way back to health.

Its not their fault.

It never was.

It’s not their fault.

It’s his.

You’re mate’s the devil Nathan.

Does Mrs Exelby know that your mates victims have to keep changing houses and schools because a c*nt they want nothing to do with won’t stop threatening them, scaring the sh*t out of them, and endangering their safety?

Does he tell you about it when you’re on the piss together?

What do you tell your wife?

How can you be mates with a bloke for all those years and not know what he is and what he does Exelby? He’s a real good actor is he?

C’mon son, you gave him the gig. Now it’s time to explain yourself.

No, perhaps I will instead.

Sorry Mrs Exelby.

He should have told you himself.