On Saturday night while the mainstream media slept – they are still asleep by the sound of the silence – we published an extensive piece written by Archie stating point blank that Trista Dixon was a cheat, and that she and her husband Grant Dixon had conspired to fix Race 8 that night at Albion Park.

This wasn’t just any race.

It was a rare and extremely prestigious Group 2 Blue Riband event for Trotters – the square gaiting cousins of the more common (in Queensland at least) pacers –  and it was worth $23 200 to the winner, a king’s ransom in harness racing terms.

In Victoria Shayne and Greg Cramp blew their careers for just $820.cramp.jpg

Nathan Jack and Mark Pitt have blown theirs for just $2200 each.

There is no need for stewards to examine the wagering sheets.

They did it for the prize money.

Trista Dixon has been charged with corruption.

So she should be – she did it, and she is corrupt.

Her husband Grant Dixon is too, and if he wasn’t involved in the fix on Saturday night then I’m not here and the Pope is not a Catholic.

If the stewards are fair dinkum they will be looking at the bloke who owned both of the Dixon horses that are in the frame too, and they will be closely examining the financial, bank, credit card and betting accounts of that man, whose name is Greg Mitchell.

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Mitchell is Clip Clop Kev’s little boy.

When you are on a good thing stick to it. Clip Clop has always made a good quid out of little boys.

So have his mates Russ, John Pigeon and Clive Palmer.


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Trista Dixon has been charged with corruption, and now that you no longer have absolute control over things she will be found guilty of it too. So will her husband Grant when he is charged. Their careers are over, and they are fucked.

But they are just shitmen, like all the others. They don’t collect the winning cheques, the owners do.

Greg Mitchell is the owner.

And he is also the Chairman of the Yatala Harness Racing Club, a club that is nothing but a registered name and a vacant block of land on a cane farm that is owned by a man who wants to see it redeveloped into a trot track and a whole lot of factories.

Kevin Seymour is the owner of that vacant block of land.

Kevin Seymour owns the Yatala Harness Racing Club.


Greg Mitchell who owns the two horses in the rort wasn’t voted the Chairman by an annual general meeting of the paper club.

He was appointed to the role at the direction of Kevin Seymour.

The Dixons train the majority of Kevin Seymour’s horses.

The net is closing.

The smell of rotting fish waft all across the land.