The woman beater, child hurter, serious assailant of police (what sort of grub spits at Queensland’s finest?), thief, conman and clown who thinks he can scare Archie Butterfly by throwing bottles at his 73-year-old father’s house or threatening his wife and kids has today shown his true colours by going to water and crying like a baby.

I rang Grant Stockwell a couple of times this morning. I was bored and thirsty and so I decided to invite him out for a drink so that I could shout him back the bottle of beer he chucked at Dad.

My brothers were keen to shout him a drink too, and so we waited for him to return our calls and come out with us for a morning full of the sort of fun he enjoys.

I guess the absence of women to beat to a pulp didn’t catch his fancy, so he drove off at 4am to find a woman for himself.

The Hendra Police station is a funny place for a c*nt who spits at police, tries to assault them when he knows they can’t do anything back, bashes defenseless women and hurts little girls to go looking for company isn’t it?

But Grant Stockwell is a strange sort of coward, and that is exactly where he is as we speak, and I know this because just a few minutes ago I called him again to ask why he wouldnt’ come out with me and my brothers for a drink – I thought it might have been because he didn’t like the tats on their faces, or their rather large size muscles tightly enclosed in their size XXL singlets – and a Senior Constable named Sarah something (I didn’t quite catch it) answered the phone.

The poor woman. Can you imagine how much her skin must be crawling taking a complaint about Archie inviting him for a drink from coward who she knows has form bashing the shit out of people of her gender, hitting good folk in blue uniforms that keep decent people just like them safe, and spitting in their faces?

Police officers are sworn to apply the law without fear or favour and do, but they are still human and they wouldn’t become cops if they didn’t care deeply about their fellow citizens and want to make sure that they can go about their daily lives in peace and absolute safety, just like every person should.

Only c*nts like Stockwell are so f*cked in the head that they think they can have it both ways, abusing and assaulting officers and then expecting them to protect him when he tries it on someone he doesn’t know and picks the wrong mark.

Maggie and I don’t back down to bullies – not now, not ever again – and nor do my kids or my Dad. For f*ck sake the old man’s job for 40 years was keeping dignitaries like Prince Charles, the Shah of Iran, the Sultan of Brunei, Prime Ministers, Premiers, Lord Mayors and very serious folk who anti-terrorist laws prevent me from naming safe.

Do you really reckon my old man is going to be scared by a gutless woman basher throwing bottles at him? Bullets and bombs do a lot more damage, and during his ASIO cleared employee days he copped more than a few of them. Stockwell’s just an amusement, and Dad’s not so silly that he hasn’t preserved the bottle the cunt threw at him without contaminating the evidence.

Oh dear Grant, you forgot to wear gloves didn’t you bully boy?


Anyway the police officers wanted me to come over to Hendra to make a statement in reply to the gutless cat’s false complaint that I’d threatened him, but petrol’s expensive and I want to back a couple of good things with the 50 bucks that Maggie’s given me as my allowance today, so I asked them to come here instead, and I expect that a couple of blue uniformed Bruce or Brenda’s will be knocking on the front door of the Polo Club any minute now.

Am I worried?

Not on your life.

I told you I would give you a masterclass in how to deal with c*nts who bash women and hurt little girls sportsfans, and now I have.

And now a woman and her kid can finally sleep safe at night, and not be scared out of their wits every time that they hear a noise outside, and not have to pack up their belongings in five minutes and run every time a c*nt with loose fists and feet but no heart or balls threatens to hurt them again and again and again.

I feel like f*cking Superman.

F*ck you Grant Stockwell.

F*ck every maggot who hurts women and little kids.

The silence has to be stopped.

When it comes to Stockwell, I’ve stopped it.

And now a little girl can sleep safe and sound at night.

Man, if I do nothing else good in my whole life I have done good here.

Love you Lily.

We’ve won.

You’re safe little butterfly.

Fly high.