Trista Dixon was charged with corruption in relation to her drive in Race 8 at Albion Park on Saturday night after she helped her husband Grant ‘Moses’ Dixon part the Red Sea by deliberately shifting her horse Foursharesmorebeers into the sprint lane to create space for its stablemate Ouroveranoa to come through the middle and win the lucrative Group 2 Darrell Alexander Memorial Trot.

After Dixon came up with a cock and bull story that her horse was hanging in and shifted abruptly despite her best efforts – when Blind Frederick could see that the horse in fact shifted in abruptly THANKS TO her best efforts – stewards adjourned their inquiry into the extremely serious charge until 10am yesterday and required T. Dixon to attend.

Late Monday afternoon T. Dixon contacted stewards to advise that due to personal reasons she would not be able to attend the stewards inquiry at that time, and as a result the hearing was further adjourned until 10:00 am on Friday.


If these personal circumstances were of such a nature that they prevented T. Dixon from fronting an inquiry into perhaps the most serious charge in the Australian Harness Racing Rule Book, why then was she able to turn up and drive in the first race at the same venue just 2 hours later?

That’s right, Trista Dixon drove in the first race at Albion Park yesterday, the Pryde’s Easifeed Trotter Handicap starting at 12:07 pm, and won it too on a horse ironically named Hard Done By.

It’s the owners, drivers, trainers and punters who were robbed of prize money or did their money cold on Saturday Night that have been hard done by, don’t you worry about that.

This is bullsh*t.

Do these Dixon’s ever stop taking the piss out of punters and the industry?

I hope they throw the goddamn book at her.