Christmas has come all at once for Queensland racing fans, for it seems that ace journalist John ‘Lucky’ Lingard has revived the extremely popular Wednesday Whinge on the website, and his first run back from a spell is an absolute beauty as he takes the man with too many hats David ‘the Bantam’ Fowler on.

I don’t know why Lingard ever stopped writing the Whinge because it was always a cracker and everyone that I know read and loved it, but I guess no thoroughbred can run week in week out every year without a spell and Lucky must have needed one.

It’s bloody great to see him back though.

Here’s the first part of his absolute caning of the Bantam. Click on the link at the bottom to be punted over to letsgohorseracing to read the rest.

ROSS MITCHELL of NEW FARM isn’t a fan of media and harness identity DAVID FOWLER as expressed in his thoughts to the WEDNESDAY WHINGE:

IT wasn’t APRIL 1st but AUGUST 1st this year when David Fowler penned his biased weekly blog for the little-known Horse Racing Only website declaring: ‘THE trots is getting an unfair rap over the “match fixing” arrests.”

Less than five months later who looks the fool now – those who were and have been for some time insisting what has been happening unchallenged at the ‘red hots’ or harness king Kev’s mouth-piece and de facto chairman of the Albion Park Club, ‘Feathers’ Fowler.

As the arrests continue by the week – some of them said to be ‘friends’ of Fowler for some time – it is starting to look like the best use they can make of Albion Park is not a multi-million dollar redevelopment as a harness venue but another wing of Boggo Road just to house the ‘race fixers’.

Then, in an effort to lay some of the blame for the plummeting TAB holds on the local product at the feet of the gallops, Fowler produced this little gem: ‘Make no mistake, a similar situation could easily hit thoroughbred racing if a whistle-blower happens to tap in the Crimestoppers number.’

As the self-anointed No 1 race-caller in Queensland – when it was really Alan Thomas before he retired and now Josh Fleming has taken over the mantle for SKY – Fowler must be seeing something through those binoculars of his that the stewards aren’t. If that’s the case perhaps the ‘Sergeant Schultz panel’ should call him in for some enlightenment.

To be fair Fowler did write in that August column: ‘Granted, trotting has had a tenuous grip on any high moral ground for some time. I make no apologies for that statement. Its weakened state heralds from sins of the past when a powerful few manipulated the betting machinery of the business. Pick your state.’

Fast forward again a few months and one of Fowler’s long-time buddies, Marshall Dobson, is facing charges over ‘betting activities’. Massive amounts were invested – the suggestion goes some of this during a time when the new TAB deal was being negotiated and harness racing was under pressure. All of a sudden, just like magic, its holds sky-rocketed.

Fowler went on to write: ‘Thoroughbred racing can absorb its crooks because of its size and diversity. In contrast, the little pond of trotting was left looking like a deer in the headlights when the corrupters were either caught or moved on. This was a seventies and eighties thing and the business has never seriously recovered to wear any badge of honour. Punters have long memories and unforgiving ones. But present participants are more likely to pull up a weed in their backyard than pull up one of their horses.’

Give us a break Davey – you are treating fair dinkum trot-goers and passionate harness followers like mushrooms (the old keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit process).