Brisbane’s number two race caller the Bantam is a liar.

A abject liar.

A deceiver, fibber, falsifier, teller of lies, teller of untruths, perjurer, false witness, fabricator, equivocator, prevaricator, and spinner of yarns that simply aren’t true, and are told in the deliberate knowledge that they are untrue.

For the purposes of assisting Mr Bantam’s legal team with any potential defamation claim against Archie Butterfly or the publishers of both the author and the US based publisher of this site declare that we are not imputing that the Bantam is a bullshit artist, we are placing out hand on a bible and declaring so.

We base this assertion on many aspects of Mr Bantam’s behaviour and conduct, including his oft-repeated but rarely fulfilled avowals to pay his predominantly gambling related debts, but specifically make our claims based on Mr Bantam’s written and published statement of alleged fact that the thoroughbred industry ‘never owned a sod of soil’ of the site of the Albion Park Harness Racing Club track.

This statement is blatantly untrue, and Mr Bantam knows so.


Because Mr Bantam is the applicant for entry of the Albion Park Racecourse as a listed place on the Queensland Heritage Register, and is the person who submitted the application only 4 weeks prior to the publication of his assertions made on the website reproduced at the top of this page.

Beneath is the history of the Albion Park Racecourse as detailed in Mr David Bantam Fowlers signed and avowed true application for heritage listing of the site.

Prehistory – 1823

The site of the racecourse was in the possession and under the occupation of the Turbal people, the traditional owners of the land.


1829 -1845

The land on which the current Albion Park racecourse rests was stolen at gunpoint by representatives of the British Queen from its owners for millions of years and annexed as part of the Moreton Bay Penal Colony.


The Turbal people’s stolen land was ‘sold’ by the white invaders under their Queen’s English common law to a man named W.J. Loudon  (or London).

Note the names of the adjacent landholders.

A prominent descendant of WM Leslie (on the other side of the creek from the course) was William Hamilton Nation Leslie, a school teacher from the well known Anglican Church owned ‘Churchie’ school at East Brisbane who was engaged at the school by the infamous employer of pedophiles Dr Henry (Harry) Roberts, whose family had a long connection with the Roberts family dating back to the days when they stole land at the Brekky Creek by shooting the aboriginal occupants in the little reported land war.

William Hamilton Nation Leslie was once caught by police in a public toilet in the Brisbane CBD propositioning young men for sex, and for decades earlier under the watch of Henry Roberts had been sexually abusing young students at Churchie.

When the child victims – usually boarders whose parents lived and worked in rural areas or overseas – complained to the principal Henry Roberts he threatened them with police arrest for slander and expelled them from the school, advising their parents that they were problem children with a penchant for fantasy.

Dr Roberts was actually the one who made things up to protect his pedophile mates.

William Hamilton Nation Leslie was later convicted of child sex offences committed under the protective eye of Roberts and jailed.

A number of other pedophiles employed at Churchie by their friend Henry Roberts at Churchie were later convicted of child sex offences including the infamous boy lover and leading geologist Dr Frederick ‘Freddie’ Whitehouse, teacher Frederick Roy Hoskins, gymnastics instructor William Whitelock, boarding masters Bruce (later Canon Bruce) Maugham and Harry John Wippell, amd photographer Clarence Henry Howard-Osborne (aka Clarry Osborne), the Man They Called a Monster.


A group of horny pedophile pervert protectors headed by prominent Brisbane barrister and closet fag Anthony Morris QC, and former ABC journalist Geoffrey Luck – a close friend, mentor and a bit more of jailed former ABC presenter and notorious pedophile rapist Bill Hurrey, the co-offender and partner in pedophile crime of the infamous one time cop David Warren (‘Constable Dave’) Moore – have established a front group called Rescue Churchie that seeks to restore the reputation of the criminal who once ran their school and taught them everything they know.

Go figure.

Given that he was interviewed by police in relation to the dealings of certain gay men – including his friends Bill Hurrey and Dave Moore – with a young Asian teenage prostitute and illegal immigrant who was found dead in the inner Brisbane suburbs in the mid 1980’s perhaps the Bantam might soon start promoting Rescue Churchie on his Chris Garrard sponsored, Kevin Seymour and fellow Tatts Group funded radio program ‘The Press Room’.


Early 1880’s

The land on which the current Albion Park racecourse stands was purchased by a group of prominent landholders including the prominent early settler – and founder of the Freemasons in Brisbane – Andrew Petrie, and became the site of the Breakfast Creek Sports Grounds, and the original racecourse is constructed.


The Albion Park racecourse is officially opened and the first race meeting is held.

The majority of the card is gallops racing, but some trot races are held for entertainment.


A syndicate of entrepreneurs secures the lease on the site and run racing under the name of the Brisbane Turf Club


Mr W. Castles and Mr F. Cox purchase Albion Park for 30 000 pounds and run private (proprietary) racing there under the name of the Brisbane Jockey Club.


John Wren, the crook turned ‘respectable businessman’ of Power Without Glory fame, purchases Albion Park for 31 000 pounds and runs proprietary racing under the name of the Albion Park Jockey Club.

Image result for john wren albion park

John Wren, back in the days when the world was wide.


This is where the rubber hits the road in relation to the Bantam’s bullshit claim that the thoroughbred code never owned a sod of soil at Albion Park.

The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club (BATC) – the forerunner of the modern day Brisbane Racing Club – purchase Albion Park from Wren for 450 000 pounds (giving the Melbourne gangster a profit of 419 000 pounds plus the 300 000 pounds that he makes while he owns the track)

The BATC will own the track for the next 57 years.


The Albion Park Trotting Club is formed and start racing in September.

The club is a tenant of the BATC and pay the gallops club rent.


The Racing and Betting Act is passed and State Ggovernment control of racing moves from the Treasury to the Racing Minister.

Big Russ Hinze, the most corrupt politician in half a century, is of course the Minister.


Gallops racing ends at Albion Park on the 30th of December.

Archie is at the course with his grandmother, who is babysitting while his parents are on holidays and has farmed the future writer’s not interested in racing brother and sister out to neighbours.


The Government owned Racing Development Corporation purchases Albion Park from the BATC for $9 million and declares it a stand alone harness racing facility.

A new stand is built – unsurprisingly Big Russ names it the Russ Hinze Stand – but the developer John Pidgeon is a shyster and pockets the cash he claims he spends on deep concrete footings, instead secretly shortening the depth of the foundations so much that only 25 years later the stand is condemned and must be torn down.

Of course Pidgeon’s long-time business partner Clip Clop Kev gets the contract for the demolition through his company Watpac, even though his usual game is building things not pulling them down.


The Gabba dogs closes and greyhound racing moves to Albion Park.

According to the Heritage Listing application made by the Bantam Fowler ownership of the course is transferred to Harness Racing Queensland and Greyhounds Queensland, but this is typical Bantam and Clip Clop bullshit.

What actually happens is that the Albion Park Trust – a government body – assumes ownership of the course and the Queensland Harness Racing Board and the Queensland Greyhound Racing Authority become joint tenants.




The State Government takes ownership of Albion Park


The State Government transfers ownership 50/50 to the Harness Racing Board and the Greyhound Racing Authority. Both are State Government bodies.


Clip Clop’s outfit tears down the Russ Hinze stand.

Somehow a number of historical records – namely those adverse to the Albion Park Harness Racing Club’s claim to ownership of the course – are ‘lost’ or ‘destroyed’ when the Big Russ stand is demolished.

Funny that.


Ownership of Albion Park is transferred to Racing Queensland, a State Government body.

The Bantam and Clip Clop are to claim forever after that the Harness Racing Board agreed to the transfer on the basis of express contractual commitments given by Racing Queensland to rebuild the Russ Hinze Stand.

The pair’s problem is that this alleged promise is expressed nowhere in writing, and that those alleged to have made it deny their assertions.


The old turnstile gate where Clip Clop Kev once used to ply his trade using tricked up tokens to pocket a slice of the AP entry takings. Two of my mates would later use what they learned here to rip Clip Clip off during their Friday night shifts at his hole in the ground car park in Roma Street where ironically the law courts now stand.


Despite the Bantam’s bullshit the Albion Park Harness Racing Club has NEVER owned a single grain of sand on the course.

The club has only ever been a tenant.

The real owners since 1923 have been (in order):

BATC – course purchased with members funds

Racing Development Fund (State Government) – course purchased with State Government funds

Albion Park Trust (State Government appointed board) – no sale price

State Government of Queensland

Qld Harness Racing Board/Greyhound Racing Authority (Government appointed boards) – no sale price

Racing Queensland (Government appointed board) – no sale price


This is the simple fact.

Since Albion Park was purchased from the BATC in 1982 it has always – ALWAYS – been owned by the people of Queensland in one form or another.

The Albion Park Harness Racing Club has NEVER owned the course.

Never ever ever – the club have always been just tenants.

Harness Racing has no claim of ownership rights whatsoever over Albion Park, just like you rental tenant in your investment property if you are lucky enough to have one has no claim of ownership over the property that you have leased to them for a prescribed period of time.

The greyhound industry doesn’t own it either, just as the thoroughbred industry doesn’t.

All three codes own the course, to the same extent that every individual Queenslander does too.

Individual Queenslander’s collective interests are, under our system of democracy, represented by the State Government.

If the State Government wants to sell Albion Park and build a Wax Museum filled with likenesses of rich old dinosaurs who once pulled 100 rorts with Russ Hinze they are perfectly entitled to, just as it is the State Government’s prerogative to sell Albion Park and build a construct a replica of the BDSM dungeon at the Sportsman Hotel for he Bantam’s edification if they choose to do so.

And if they want to cut Clip Clop and his mates out and build a new gallops track at Bowden Park in Geebung they can do that too, any time they choose.

The Bantam knows all of this.

It was he who made the application for heritage listing of the racecourse (it was ultimately unsuccessful – the regulator determined that the heritage had been f*cked when the gallops track was torn up, and that no number of rickety wood or brick buildings could change the fact that Big Russ and the boys – including his mate Clip Clop and the naked little boy loving John Pidgeon – had destroyed all the history that the course once boasted, and that now it wasn’t worth half a dime in a representative historical context.

The truth is that there are probably only two journalist/writers in the whole of the Wide Brown Land who know and appreciate the history of Albion Park at a high level.

That pair are the Bantam and Archie Butterfly, both once little boys who frolicked on the grass in front of the winning post in the pre-Russ Hinze/Clip Clop corruption days when the trotters and pacers circumnavigated the course the different way around.

Although we both love those idyllic days of innocence and Paleface Adios and Pure Steel equally, only one of us is truly a devotee of the working class man and woman’s sport, and only one of us is telling the truth.

And it isn’t the boy who grew up in Clayfield.

It’s the one from the Bung.

Don’t you worry about that.

call here.jpg

The Bantam learnt his callers trade here (above). I know because I was in the box next door on a Saturday night watching my mate from Padua, the budding race caller Johnny Brasch, learning his trade too. This (below) is where aspiring young race callers have had to cut their teeth under the Chairmanship of Albion Park by the Bantam. His 2017 application for heritage listing says this unsafe tower has been the callers box since the ‘recent’ demolition of the Big Russ Stand. It was actually torn down in 2008, nine years before the Bantam lodged his claim. It says all you need to know about David Fowler’s grasp on reality and his commitment to telling the truth really.