Just take a f*cking look at Chantal Turpin’s drive on Diesel Shannon in this race and try and tell me that it is on the level.

I almost feel sorry for this bird, her hubby Pete McMullen, and all the other drivers at Albion Park who have been hooking races for their major owners just so that super-charged money can run through the TAB pools and keep the cash coming into the Emperor’s kingdom.

Almost I said.

You can’t really feel any sympathy for a coven of hyper-talented kids who choose to trot down the wrong path just because some crooked old c*nt buys them off by buying them each a $15 000 horse.

You f*cking idiots, the shifty old bastard got the better of the outlay anyway. And you’ve f*cked your whole careers for two-thirds of sweet f*ck all.

Serve your time, come back clean, and we’ll make harness racing great again.

First of all though you have to stop protecting those at the top and cough.

They’re just using you guys and gals.

They always use people.

That’s why they’re driving the Lamborghini’s and living in penthouses by the river and sailing Super Boats and holidaying in huge condos on Hawaii while you’re shoveling sh*t in a mozzie ridden half-swamp in Ipswich or Logan.

It’s because they care.


Wake up to yourselves sweethearts.

Look what they’re doing to you and your sport.


This is the story of Pete McMullen’s murder of Diesel Shannon in the third race at Albion Park on Saturday the 14th of October 2017.

But it’s not the real story.

The real story is the Quadrella, and if you’ve got half a brain and twenty minutes on your hands you will see it without you needing me to tell you where it is.

I want you to you to find it, and to work it out yourself.

Here’s the clue.

Look at the size of the Quaddie pool.

Then go back 12 months, and then 18, and then 24.

Pick any Saturday night, any one at all, as long as it is at these rough intervals.

You can search for them here on the UBET website, unless a certain major shareholder flexes their muscles and pulls strings and gets them taken down first.

What you are looking for is the size of the Quaddie pools.

Then when you have clocked them come back to the 14th of October.

This particular night means nothing and everything at the same time. It’s nothing special and not the only time the rort you are about to spot occurs, but it’s a damn good example of the major league swindle that’s sinking our sport and trust me like you have never trusted anyone before, there is only one person to blame.

Just like Harry S. Truman said, the buck always stops at the top.

Go to the Harness Racing Australia website and watch the replays of races 2 – 5, the four legs of the Quaddie.

Look in particular at the people involved in training and driving the horses that are running in these races, look at what happened in the 1st leg, look at what happened in the 2nd, look at the other two winners, look at the Quaddie dividend and then use thye powers of logical deduction that your parents and God gave you.

These white pants and silk shirted working class men and women aren’t doing this because it’s making them millionaires.

They’re doing it because a millionaire is telling them that it will keep them in a job.

Ain’t that the truth Kevin?