This article has appeared on the Fairfax-owned Brisbane Times website since just before 11.00 am this morning, and we’ve been waiting all day to see if it would come down or be corrected but nearly 12 hours later it is still there and the leading news outlet and their young cub reporter Toby Crockford have egg all over their faces.

Trista Dixon was of course not disqualified for her drive on a horse at Toowoomba last Saturday.

She couldn’t have been, because the Toowoomba harness racing track was closed decades ago. And even when it was open the track was never called Egmont Park. That of course is Clip Clop Kevin Seymour’s stud farm and breeding establishment, not a bloody racecourse.

Where on earth could Fairfax News’ baby-faced cub reporter Toby Crockford – clearly the best named man in the media, because this is a total crock – have gleaned this information from, and how could he have got it so utterly wrong?

Once upon a time, before greedy media executives slashed and burned their way to faux profit based performance bonuses by sacking every second staff member in the joint, mainstream new media outlets used to have sub-editors who would double-check their journalists work, but in the modern age this task is performed by some lowly-paid factory worker in Auckland.

It shows doesn’t it?