Trista Dixon is a disqualified person.

She can’t train, drive, strap, breed, ride, rein, root or rib kick a pacer or trotter until Xmas next year, and she can’t set foot in a harness training facility or any property upon which registered horses are resident or present, and she can’t even go to the great Gallopers guzzling hole, which in my view is the greatest punishment of all, with daylight second.

Imagine what it must be like not to be Abel to drop in and have a beer at the most outstanding licensed establishment in Vegas, Betty’s Land and the whole wide world. You’d begin to understand how Cain must have felt when he was banished from the young man of Middle Eastern appearance tribal lands by God after he cracked the shits when he wasn’t picked first for Red Rover at lunchtime and killed his little brother, the most inaptly named man in history Abel wouldn’t you.

Funny this is that Trista can’t associate with people involved or connected with harness racing in any way either, which puts her in a bit of a pickle because she shares a bed in Case Del Grant Trixadome down in Logan Village with her hubby Moses, the leading harness racing trainer and driver who only ten days ago shocked and amazed the world by blowing his missus a kiss and parting the Red Sea.

That missus is of course Trista (nee Baz), who shared that bed with the high-profile, prominent licensee ever since she got home about an hour after being disqualified effective immediately around lunchtime on the 22nd of December 2017, and now it’s four days later on the 27th of the month and you’d have to wonder how many times she’s breached Rule 259 (1)(a) of the Australian Harness Racing Rules by associating with Clip Clop’s main man wouldn’t you?

You’d have to wonder how many times Kevin and Kay Seymour and their straw man Greg Mitchell’s private trainer Moses has breached rule 230 as well I’d reckon.


It’s black and white isn’t it sportsfans?

Guilty Your Honour. Bang to rights.

So what’s QRIC going to do about it?

You will know the future of the Queensland Harness Racing industry by how the good women and men responsible for racing integrity answer this question.

We wait with bated breath.

I do anyway.

This is a pivotal moment in my sporting career, because if they f*ck this up I’m bailing.

Harness Racing will be dead to me.

That’s no hollow threat.

It’s a promise.