A number of critics have been on my back claiming that I’m overly concentrating on crooks in harness racing and giving the gallops boys and girls a soft run.

Some of the softer of them – or to be precise one, initials CJG – has even caused a person or persons to call my home protesting that I am concentrating overly on them, just as they did when I first started cutting close to the bone in my articles and they claimed far and wide that I was mad.

So I am.

But so are they, and even madder for picking a fight with a madman, which of course the smooth talking Roy Masters lookalike now has.

You’d think a bloke who sold pig food would know better than to wrestle with a pig wouldn’t you? All that happens is that you both get dirty, and the pig likes it.

Those bloody pigs.

The bastards sometimes fly backwards, just like they did after Race 9 at Bundamba today – some ingrates call it Ipswich, but that’s like calling Deagon Brisbane – when Paul Hammersley attempted to explain his slaughter job on a blown out the door equal favorite that he sat 3 wide the trip in a 4 horse race on to stewards.


Hammersley’s explanation is bullshit and the stewards would have to be half asleep and and two-third’s brain dead to believe it, but trust me today’s mob aren’t because there are at least 2 stewards on that panel who are starting to stand out in their profession large, including the day’s Chief Daniel Aurisch, and when they tell Hammersley that his explanation is noted only a moron would believe that was all she wrote.

I have to confess that I have never been a fan of the Hammer; he’s far too close to Gerald Ryan for my liking, and that slimy c *nt is a pedo. I’m not suggesting for a second that the Hammer is a kiddy fiddler too – I’m quite sure he’s not – but why would you hand around with or work for such a f*cking sick c*nt like Ryan if you were a decent bloke?

Why does anyone?

In fact why the hell is the pervert Gerald Ryan still in racing?

It’s a sign of an untreated disease that runs like an under current through the racing industry in my opinion – just look at how young women are treated; it’s high time for a #me2inracing movement exposing the sexual predators in our sport I say – and I will damn Ryan to hell and say that he has no place on the turf for as long as my bony arse points to the ground, and I will stand by it too.

Anyway back to Hammersley, and let’s take a look at the hoop’s bullsh*t story to stewards and deconstruct it shall we?

They jump, and Hammersley in the orange colours kicks his mount Dream Kisses out if the gate. It gets about a long neck in front of the 2 inside it after 50 metres and appears as if it is about to hunt up and cross to sit outside the favorite in the white with blue and black sleeves and cap.


Fifty metres further on and it looks like the Hammer’s horse is going to scoot around them all and go to the lead.



Then all of a sudden for some inexplicable reason he sits up, eases and has a look across.

Fair enough you think.

He doesn’t want to get into a speed battle, and the horse in white with green has dropped well off, so the Hammer’s going to pop in behind the leaders and drop into the box seat from where he will get a great run to the turn and have all the options at his disposal.


The punters wait.

And wait.

And wait ……..

The Hammer doesn’t ease.

He kicks up.


The Hammer is later to tell stewards that it was his absolute intention to ease back to third one off the fence behind the horse in the red, but that his horse began to pull hard and he decided that rather than choke it he’d stay out three wide and let it run.

What the Hammer didn’t say is that he considered the idea of heeling up and clicking around the middle horse to be one off or maybe even lead.

That of course if because the idea never ever crossed his mind, or not in a sense that he was attracted to it anyway, because if he had been he would have been looking to do it from the jump wouldn’t he?


Look at the replay again sportsfans.

Watch it a few times.

The Hammer’s horse wasn’t pulling that hard that it couldn’t be eased back off the leaders to sit behind them in the box seat.

It wasn’t going so flat out early that it couldn’t have crossed the moderately beginning and hard hunted up other trio either.

Hammersley wanted this horse sitting three wide.


The Hammer told the stewards that he reckons Dream Kisses was travelling well around the home turn.

He was obviously watching a different race than I was, because it looked for all the world to me like a horse who was trying its guts out but had been smoked and slaughtered and was getting the high speed wobbles 300 metres out as a result.


Hammersley’s sage words of wisdom to the stipes was that Dream Kisses was unable to sprint with the heavily backed favorite and winner in the straight.

No sh*t Sherlock?

Man you just wait until this young gun Ipswich steward’s panel get hold of and analyse the betting records that they no doubt have already requested from Corporate Bookmakers across the length and breadth of the Wide Brown Land.

The hammer sure is going to fall on the Hammer then sportsfans.

Don’t you worry about that.