Things are hotting up in harness racing alright, with the ABC the latest to jump on the corruption in the sport bandwagon and a whole lot more to follow, including a feature story on this evening’s 7.00 pm news.

Aunty with its resources and immunity from commercial advertising is the right media outlet to dig right down into this muti-tentacled tale, and Josh Robertson is the right journalist to do it.

Product disclosure notice – Josh is a professional mate of mine and we have worked on a couple of stories together in the past. I like the bloke a lot.

That aside though and taking an objective step back, Josh is one of the best young journos in the country, and after a skill building but professionally near suicidal stint at the brilliant but little read Guardian Australia he has shifted over to the ABC and in my opinion will come to be recognised as one of Australia’s foremost investigative journalists in the decade to come, along with a bloke named Jorge Branco who is currently employed by Fairfax at the Brisbane Times, although he needs to get away from the daily mass production grind and get his teeth into some meaty in-depth and heavily researched stories if he is ever to fully achieve his potential.

Josh Roberston’s in the right place and at the right stage of his career to land some huge punches though, and if his editors give him the nod to keep following the money trail in racing then a whole lot of dodgy Directors and slippery CEO’s are all of a sudden in a whole lot of pain, and I ain’t just talking about in the sport of harness racing either, and the web may well just expand into organisations like Racing Queensland and a few little known names on the race programming and handicapping side of things might suddenly become a whole lot more recognisable after their mugs are caught on the ABC cameras leaving the court house.

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more for now.

Don’t miss tonight’s ABC news, and as the wise men in Geebung are always wont to say, watch this space.


PS – Isn’t it a hoot that the Bantam has been interviewed for the story, and isn’t it hilarious what he has to say?

Beware your sins Davey boy because they just might come back to haunt you son, especially when your rank hypocrisy is caught bang on a rolling tape recorder reel. Whose reel am I talking about though?

That’s the $64 000 question.

Is it the ABC’s?

Or is it QRIC’s?

Did you follow Clip Clop’s instructions Davey and stay off the phones? We both know the answer to that one don’t we Bantam boy?

Multiple phones won’t be anyone’s saving grace son: Ross the Boss has a tape recorder for every phone number, and the budget to buy more if he needs them.

2018 is the Year of the Dog.

How apt, because there will be plenty barking.

Don’t you worry about that.