This picture was taken by Archie at 3.30 pm today when he went for a walk to sober up after a lunchtime session at Gallopers and clear his head ready for the weekly Friday Night Trot, Dog and Cranbourne Races Punting Frenzy. All of the pictures in this article were taken on the same Friday arvo stroll

Memo From the Geebung Sportsdesk

To: Punters All Over the Place

From: A.J. Butterfly, Racing Writer-in-Chief

Subject: The Farm

It’s f*cked.

Nothing’s happened in a fortnight except that the water truck has performed seven thousand six hundred and forty six additional laps of the track, including during the movies.

The truck’s not watering grass – there isn’t any other than the 70 odd metre patch on the turn out of the straight that was laid 2 weeks ago – it’s merely keeping the dirt down so the neighbours washing doesn’t get soiled and cause them to complain about the from here to eternity construction site next door where nothing that isn’t vertical, underground or bronzed ever actually gets built.


Why is there no more grass on the track than there was at the start of the month?

Who f*cking knows?

That green stuff’s hard to find up here in Queensland I guess. Whimpey Dave’s probably smoked it all.

Slim had the pub with no beer.

We’ve got the racetrack with no races.


No sportfans, this is not the used once a year Betoota racecourse: it’s Headquarters – Eagle Farm – taken from the old hose down area. What a bloody disgrace.

We’ve become a national laughing stock; Queensland racing is nothing but a bad joke mocked and derided across the length and breadth of the Wide Brown Land.

Yet still we stand idle and continue to believe the ever-flowing river of excuses and lies.

Maybe we simply deserve what we get. Or get what we deserve.


I want better.

I want a race track.

I want the Farm back.

We’re not going to get it by sitting on our arses doing nothing.

It’s time to act. We’ve gotta save the Farm, and make the holy home of Vegas racing great again, and the only way we are going to do it is to petition for a General Meeting of the Club at which we sweep the floor and take out the trash who’ve landed us in this mess and left us swimming in more than $50 million debt.

Today’s the first day of the rest of our lives, and it is the day that the campaign to restore the Farm to it’s former glory begins.


We need a minimum of 150 signatures to get rid of the Boys Own rabble who are fast ruining Brisbane racing.

If you care about our sport you will help us get them.

Take a look a look at the pictures sportsfans. Stare at them and weep.

Our elected Directors have let every club member down.

They have to be culled and weeded.

The revolution starts now.

More details to follow …..