WTF is this overtly sexist crap that the Brisbane Racing Club are featuring as a front page banner on its website?

Why is there a prominent image of a half naked woman in her undies, a pair of shoulder pads and some war paint on an advertisement for a septic tank Superbowl being broadcast at the wretched ruin that used to be a racetrack but has been reduced by incompetence and crookedry to an expensive underground stabling area known as Atlantis, a whole bunch of sand, and poor old bloody Bronze Buffering who must be scratching his knackers now he’s got ’em back and wondering what the hell’s going on.

Whimpey Dave just can’t shake his obsession with titty girl promotions can he? This bird’s might be as cute as Christmas smiles but she has absolutely nothing at all do with the Superbowl, and her being featured in the BRC free show promotion (now that’s how you make money and pull the balance sheet out of the red Sportsfans!) and the inclusion of her image is nothing more than a blatant example of sexism in sport of a totally unacceptable kind.

FFS! This is a club that prides itself on signing little kids up to the Giddy Up club to bolster its fast falling membership numbers, and encourages the little tackers to log on and explore the club’s website!


What sort of message are we sending to these minor sportsfans by putting puerile crap like this up? Are we telling young men that women are just sex objects whose worth is defined by how sleek they look in a pair of slimline satin dacks?

Really? Is that all sheila’s are?

Not in my bloody house they’re not, and not in workplaces, clubs and licensed venues either. Not anywhere?

What does this promotional banner say to women who work at the BRC? That they are just pieces of meat to parade around for the all male board and chief executive boys club that hold all the power in the employment relationship and have all the sway?

There are laws against this sort of thing, lots of laws, and the BRC is breaking every one of them and it’s an absolute f*cking disgrace.

The Legends League – formerly known as the Lingerie League – is over for the season Whimpey, it ended in September, and there are no underwear clad woman playing in or at the Superbowl.

You just have a sick mind CEO, and an appalling attitude to women. Pull yourself out of the gutter and pull this sexist crap down.

You are not Hugh Hefner d*ckhead and this is not 1956. It’s the 21st century and you in charge of a corporation Mr Whimpey, and you are responsible for leading from the front and setting an example to all your staff that sexism is just not right and that sexual harassment of women is just not on.

Mate you should be f*cking ashamed of yourself.

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