Just when you thought that the dumb and dumber style desperate attempts by Victorian Harness Racing stewards to conceal what has become blindingly obvious is serious corruption among a cartel of racing integrity officials in the state couldn’t become any greater of a farce it has.

Today the Stewards released yet another amended report into red hot race that one of our readers spotted and about which we have been writing for near a week know with increasing concern that the ongoing alterations made to this Steward’s Report seemingly every time we blow it to pieces can only be a flashing neon notice to the wise and well schooled that there is a corruption-fed cancer in the core of the Victorian Racing Integrity Unit, and that I’ve by chance stumbled down a rabbit hole and discovered just where the tumors lie.

The Stewards now say that an inquiry into Sugars drive in the red hot race was c convened and held at Ballarat on Boxing Day, which is a most peculiar thing to say because integrity officials charged with the task of keeping criminality out of the sport are by any reasonable assessment themselves corrupt and ipso facto criminals if they knowingly and willingly lie to the world in an official report with the intention of concealing acts or omissions made by them that strongly suggest that they stink.

How the hell do they actually think that what they are doing is going to save them, when the rest of the world can see that all they are doing are nodding furiously and waving their wings in the air like a bunch of galahs in a cacophonous clump screeching a single world with just two letters, M and E.

Me, me, me.

You ever been down to Victoria and had a poke around?

Ballarat and Warragul are on the opposite sides of the state, about 220 km or so apart, and the drive between the two cities about 2 1/2 hours if you keep to the speed limit and don’t stop.

To put the comparative locations of the two harness racing centres into a Queensland context Warragul is about the same distance from Ballarat as Stanthorpe is from Brisbane, almost to the kilometre.

You wouldn’t dream about convening a stewards inquiry into the running of a Doomben race a couple of days before and schedule it to be held in Stanthorpe would you? It would be absolutely bloody ridiculous.

So why did the Victorian Stewards hold an inquiry into a race run at Warragul in a room at a racecourse on the other side of the State?

There are a few answers to that and while all are equally correct some appear to contradict others, but you have to remember that tangled webs aren’t symmetrical, and that the shape of the trap doesn’t really matter, what does is that you’re trapped in its sweet, sticky net and have run out of luck.

The stewards had to invent a date later than 24 or 25 December, because they’d f*cked themselves by falsely claiming that an inquiry had been held into Sugars drive on the night of the race, unaware that Archie had copies of tweets made by the crooked driver on Xmas Day in which he declared without equivocation that no such stewards inquiry had ever been held.

The truth is that a stewards inquiry into Sugars drive was never actually convened and properly constituted, and that no such inquiry was ever held.

The stewards made it up to deflect criticisms we’d made publicly about Sugars drive and condensed into a formal complaint to the Racing Integrity Commission. They thought by inventing a stewards inquiry they’d all be bloody sweet, but of course I slapped down the tweets and blew their craven perjury to absolute smithereens.

Sugars had been adamant that there was no inquiry held on the night and its clear he was telling the truth, which is chilling for it can mean but one thing.

Each and every one of the Racing Integrity officials who presided at the Warragul meeting on the 24th of December, including the vet, have conspired to pervert the course of justice by knowingly and deliberately making false statements in the legal and government document that is the official report of the duly sworn stewards.

Stewards who took and oath to the truth and to stamping out harness racing crime, but spoke with false tongue always and are really the corrupt dingos at the top taking the poisonous coin and directing traffic away from the bad guys, and writing fairy tales that serve as cover to conceal all the crimes.

This is serious Mum, a loose but clearly organised crime gang operating right inside the so called good guys secret palace walls.

If the guard’s are too rotten to protect our sport, who will?


We’ll ask the hard the questions that the others won’t.

There was no inquiry convened on the 24th of December and thus no inquiry could have been or was adjourned.

No Racing Integrity Official or Steward worked on Xmas Day.

And these smoking hot stewards now want us to all to believe that for some reason yet to be explained each member of the Stewards Panel experienced a strange dream over the Yuletide break in which a blackbird came to them and whispered in their ears ‘You should have another look at Race 7 at Warragul son’ and they were so impressed by the fact the bird had feathers that they decided to look into the Warragul matter at Ballarat on Boxing Day, but that it was all a false alarm and Sugars drive was sweet.

Pull the other ones you clowns, do you think we’re all bloody stupid.

Here’s a few questions straight at these criminal conspirators and fraudsters wearing VRIC branded shirts and doing the dirty on us all:

How did you notify Greg Sugars that he was required to attend an inquiry that most unusually was being conducted in an office at a track on the other side of the state about 220 clicks away from the scene of the subject event?

When exactly did you notify him? Who notified him? In what form was the notice served?

Do you have a date stamped copy of that document or message?


Funny that.

What about video and audio recordings of the inquiry?

No? Bugger.

Date and time marked CCTV footage showing the members of the stewards panel and Mr Sugars entering and leaving the room?

Don’t have any of those either?

What about notes and minutes taken during the inquiry hearings?

I see you shaking your head.

Okay, lets use an inquisitorial approach to see if we can gather some evidence to support your story that you really did hold a Warragul inquiry on Boxing Day at Ballarat.

How did you know that Greg Sugars would be available to attend the inquiry you’d suddenly decided was a good idea to hold?

Was Sugars afforded an opportunity to seek legal advice and/or representation?

How, and when?

Were any documents actually served on Sugars at all?

It is our understanding on the basis of confidential information  received that a number of telephone calls were made between Sugars and a certain employee or employees of the Victorian Racing Integrity Commission between 24 December 2017 and 30 December 2017.

Will you please confirm or deny that a number of phone calls were made during the relevant period by employees of VRIC to telephone numbers owned or under the control of Greg Sugars?

When were these calls made.

What are the names of the person or people who made them?

Why were these calls made by a Racing Integrity Commission official or officials to a person who was the intended target of a VRIC Steward’s Inquiry?

Will VRIC make the organisation’s phone records for the relevant period available for inspection by the media?

Did you advse Atomic Miss Betty’s trainer Ross Sugars that you’d decided 5 minutes ago to hold an inquiry in 5 minutes time to investigate events in a race run 2 days ago in a town a hard three day horse ride away?

Was Mr Sugars offered an invitation or issued a direction to attend the inquiry, and if so was a further offer made to send the top-secret VRIC subsonic space travel tube down to his beach house to pick him up and shoot him over to the other side of the State so that he could get their on time?




Have you got a date stamped copy?

What about the other drivers in the Warragul race? How many of them did you interview or secure statements from? Surely you spoke to the driver of Courageous Call to confirm whether or not his horse locked wheels with that of Sugars?

And the driver of Magical Delight, the horse who went three-wide around Sugars so fast that it shocked him into involuntarily heaving back as hard as he could on Betty’s reins, did you interview him to see if he could shed any light on things?

Did you secure the betting sheets for the race to see if Betty had been backed or blown?

Did you ask the race day vet if he noticed anything?

What about the starter?

Were any witnesses at all invited to the inquiry?

Did you actually obtain and view all the patrol films showing the race from a variety of different angles?


Can we take a look at the recordings?

Did you ask the on-course farrier if he reshod Miss Atomic Betty’s off fore after the race?

How many replays of Betty’s previous runs did you watch to come up with the conclusion that the horse is regularly intractable in its races?

When did watch them?


Can we take a look at them?

What significant remedial gear changes were made to the racing equipment of Miss Atomic Betty?


Why weren’t they advised to the stewards?

Why wasn’t the public told?

Questions, questions, questions, a million bloody questions.

Here’s the one that’s going to demolish your bullshit story and open up the Pandoras box that’s going to bring the whole lot of you crooked bastards down.

Let’s just recap the timeframes first before I ask it.

The race we’re talking about was the 7th run on Xmas eve. One more race was run and won after it, the original Stewards Report was written up, and then all the stewards pissed off home to get ready for midnight mass.

The next day was Christmas, and no one worked.

The day after that was Boxing Day, and you tell us that you held the inquiry at Ballarat that same after somehow using the power of positive thought to suck Sugars like a magnet through the stewards room race day door.

What time did he actually arrive?

What time the inquiry kick off?

How long did it run for?

When did it end?

Who was in attendance?

Why are you lot lying through your teeth and putting your careers on the line to protect Greg Sugars?

What’s really going on inside the walls of the harness racing stewards office?

What’s really going on inside the Victorian Racing Integrity Commission?

They’re the warm ups.

Here’s the killer.

These are the names of the stewards who officiated at Warragul on December 24.


There are the names of the stewards who officiated at Ballarat on December 26


The Starter and the Vet at both meetings were the same, but neither of these people are raceday stewards and as a result they do not participate in Stewards Inquires other than when summoned or called as a witness.

Look at the names of the officiating stipendiary stewards at the two meetings.

Not one of the Stewards that worked on the panel at Warragul also worked at Ballarat, and vice versa.

You know what this means don’t you sportsfans?

Not a single steward that supposedly ran the inquiry into Sugars drive at Warragul were actually present at the meeting.

They didn’t actually the see the race at all! Not a single one of them.

That meeting ended late Christmas Eve. There was no inquiry convened into Sugars drive that night, and so there was no inquiry adjourned.

What that also means is that no report detailing the race night stewards concerns was ever prepared, because at that stage they didn’t have any.

The Ballarat stewards didn’t time to review any tapes on Boxing Day because they were working one short due to the cost of penalty rates and as a result were all too busy.

No steward at Ballarat saw Sugars drive in the Warragul race.

There was no report prepared.

No one had time to watch the replays of the race in any detail, or at all.

So how did the stewards actually hold an inquiry?

If no one had actually seen the race, who the hell knew all those questions to ask.

You’ve f*cked up again you dumb arsed corrupt traitors to the sport of harness racing and flagrant breakers of our nation’s rule of law.

Now you’re sprung, big time, and by your own hand your career is totally and utterly f*cked.

You’ve run out of lies now though you crooked bastards, and it looks like you’re all out of luck too.

It’s time you turned to something different Stewards.

It’s time that you told us the truth.

You never know, it might just save you from spending the next part of your life in a cell.