There is an organised criminal gang that has infiltrated the stewarding ranks of the Victorian Racing Integrity Commission, and deeply corrupt members of the gang are actively and directly involved in a secret industry-wide conspiracy to fix the results of races being run across Victoria in return for profit and personal gain

Events since the lodgement of an official complaint of race track corruption in relation to the drive of Greg Sugars on Miss Atomic Betty in the seventh race at Warragul on Christmas Eve make it plainly obvious that a number of VRIC employees are party to the conspiracy and participants in the commission and subsequent concealment of the criminal operation’s organised crimes.

The Victorian Harness Racing Stewards highly unusual and irregular issue of two subsequent amendments and additions to the Official Stewards Report of the race in question – both of which provide detail that exonerates Sugars of wrong doing based on nothing more than his own uncorroborated alleged explanation of his highly suspicious actions during the race – are enough alone to trigger an investigation into the probity of the sport.

The content of the amendments demands a Royal Commission.

The Stewards are lying.

They are fabricating events and meetings and reporting the falsehoods as facts when they know that the content of their reports are not true.

They are deliberately failing to report on practices employed in races to enable designated horses to win, or to ensure that they do not.

These men and woman whose job it is to ensure that harness racing is clean are willfully and deliberately perverting the course of justice by the making of false or wholly invented claims.

The complaint that we lodged with the Victorian Racing Integrity Commissioner about Sugars drive at Warragul has ripped the cork from the genies bottle by catching the crooked stewards unaware, but it has been the Stewards panicked, ill-considered and utterly corrupt attempt to cover what at first appeared to be a relatively minor suspected report up that has set the whole industry ablaze.

Yesterday the Steward’s released a third amended version of their criminally false report into the Sugar’s drive. It may well in time become a textbook study of how not to respond when an investigative journalist follows a hunch and a sniff and wanders so close to the heart of organised darkness that you fear that he might just find it and tip your whole house of cards over.

For now though its simply the nail in the corrupt stewards coffins.

The desperately dumb Stewards now say they held an inquiry into Sugars drive on Boxing Day in Ballarat.

They are lying through their crooked teeth.

No inquiry ever was held on the 26th of December as the Stewards now corruptly and falsely claim.

It couldn’t possibly have been, because none of the Stewards that claim to have conducted the inquiry had ever actually seen Sugars drive at Warragul at the time the inquiry was allegedly held, and could not have asked the detailed questions claimed in the report about a drive that they had never even seen.

These are the names of the stewards who officiated at Warragul on December 24.


There are the names of the stewards who officiated at Ballarat on December 26


The Starter and the Vet at both meetings were the same, but neither of these people are raceday stewards and as a result they do not participate in Stewards Inquires other than when summoned or called as a witness.

Look at the names of the officiating stipendiary stewards at the two meetings.

Not one of the Stewards that worked on the panel at Warragul also worked at Ballarat, and vice versa.

You know what this means don’t you sportsfans?

Not a single steward that supposedly ran the inquiry into Sugars drive at Warragul were actually present at the meeting.

They didn’t actually the see the race at all! Not a single one of them.

That meeting ended late Christmas Eve. There was no inquiry convened into Sugars drive that night, and so there was no inquiry adjourned.

What that also means is that no report detailing the race night stewards concerns was ever prepared, because at that stage they didn’t have any.

The Ballarat stewards didn’t time to review any tapes on Boxing Day because they were working one short due to the cost of penalty rates and as a result were all too busy.

No steward at Ballarat saw Sugars drive in the Warragul race.

There was no report prepared.

No one had time to watch the replays of the race in any detail, or at all.

So how did the stewards actually hold an inquiry?

If no one had actually seen the race, who the hell knew all those questions to ask.

You’ve f*cked up again you dumb arsed corrupt traitors to the sport of harness racing and flagrant breakers of our nation’s rule of law.

Now you’re sprung, big time, and by your own hand your career is totally and utterly f*cked.

You’ve run out of lies crooked bastards, and it looks like you’re all out of luck too.

It’s time you turned to something different Stewards.

It’s time that you told us the truth.

You never know, it might just save you from spending the next part of your life in a cell.

Victoria you have an integrity emergency.

A real big one.

What the hell are you going to do now?