The Stewards concerns with Grant Dixon’s driving tactics start at the 900m mark.

Arbit Major hooks out from 2nd last to go three wide at the bell.

Most drivers sitting in the gig on the last placed horse would pull out and latch onto its back for a soft three-wide cart home.

Not our Moses. He steers his horse back in.


The field leaves the straight and goes around the back turn for the last time.

Arbit Major is off and going. It’s driver is trying to win – Brad and the Demon Dunker’s horses always are – and knowing that it is near impossible to win from well back on the sharp turning track with the short straight (no ET Forbes and Whirlwhind, it is not a perfect oval) he wants to put it into the race now so that it has a fair crack at the gold.

Dixon continues to restrain Baron Jujon and stays in one off the fence, last.


Arbit Major moves to sixth.

The horse directly ahead of Moses – Bob Gage in the light blue colours, whose driver Chris Petroff can’t believe his luck in not being pocketed by Moses on Baron Jujon – pulls out onto Arbit Major’s back for a suck home.

Dixon continues to restrain his horse and keep it one off the fence in last place.

The race has less than 600m left to run.


Arbit Major moves up to challenge the leaders.

Bob Gage is on its back in the position where Baron Jujon should have been if Moses was driving competitively, and he moves to seventh.

Moses is still sitting last and restraining his horse. He hasn’t even bothered to pull out to trail Bob Gage, which is mind boggling, or would be if you imagined that he was fair dinkum about trying to win the race anyway.

There is only 400m to go.


Now the field are 300m from home.

Arbit Major moves around to third.

Bob Gage goes to sixth.

Moses is still sitting last, but then he spots Auntie Asol and Uncle Esau arguing at the fence at the top of the straight and finally he pulls Baron Jujon out wide. It is far too late for the horse to win the race, but Moses isn’t worried about that.

He just wants to wish the rellies a Merry Xmas.


They enter the straight with about 150 odd metres to go.

Arbit Major is up with the leaders and is a winning chance.

Bob Gage pulls around him and is trying hard but unfortunately poor Bob’s winning hopes are limited by his lack of ability.

Moses can’t win, which is water off the f*ck’s back because it is what he planned would happen from the start.

He’s more concerned that Auntie Asol and Uncle Esau have gone to the bar without him, and starts to urge the Baron home so he can catch them before they order the drinks, and so it looks on the replay like he’s trying.

It doesn’t Moses.

What do you think we are, morons?

Of course you do.


Less than 100m to go and Baron Jujon is still five lengths off them and hopeless.

If there were any punters left who went to the Reddy trots they’d be throwing bricks at Moses Dixon.

This is a deliberate slaughter job.


The horses reach the winning post.

Arbit Major has done all the bullocking work out three wide without cover but puts in a good gutsy effort and runs third.

Bob Gage has followed him home in the spot that Moses should have taken and has tried hard, but he’s just average and finishes in the position he was from about the 700m mark, which is a sulky’s length behind Arbit Major.

Moses finishes exactly where he intended to, nowhere.

There is no Merry Christmas for punters who have backed Baron Jujon or included it in their multiples.



Unbeknown to Moses however – God must be angry with him and hasn’t given him the tip – there is indeed a Changeover coming in the New Year, and due to one of those strange serendipitous coincidences that make life so bloody interesting it will be caused by a root in a manger at Burwood Stud.

Baron Jujon was born and bred there.

Ho ho ho ho ho!