We have today received a response from the Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner (Victoria) to our complaint made in relation to Greg Sugars handling of the horse Miss Atomic Betty and the subsequent actions of Harness Racing Victoria integrity officials.

For legal reasons relating to a confidentiality and privacy direction made by the Commissioner the publishers of this site have decided at this juncture not to demonstrate our commitment to an open and transparent democracy and the integrity of racing by following our regular practice of publish the ORIC response, notwithstanding our view that the direction has no proper basis in law.

The reasons for this decision will become apparent as you read our response to the Commissioner, which is reproduced in full below.

We’re all in the cleaning up racing game together sportsfans, and we can’t do it in the shadows, only in the full glare of the sun.

Lets just hope the Gum Suckers don’t shoot the Banana Bending messenger hey?

They’re all jealous of us up here in paradise in the north you know.

And who could bloody blame them?