What you see above is taken from the December edition of PACE magazine, the harness racing industry bible produced, paid for and published by Racing Queensland.

The stewards have announced that penalties for cheats like Grant Dixon will no longer be expressed in weeks, but rather in days.

Just when you think that public confidence in the ability of the QRIC employed harness racing stewards can’t possibly be dented any further, someone hits it with a sledge hammer and smashes it.

Someone in the stewards forgot to tell someone in the stewards about the new procedures, which is a bit embarrassing. No, it is more than embarrassing, it is atrocious. What the hell is going on over there in Breakfast Creek bunker?

This is the Grant Dixon decision handed down yesterday.

The stewards gave him 8 weeks.

I guess they must have left the calculator at home hey?

F*ck me dead.