This morning we published an article suggesting that QRIC boss Ross Barnett had created a job as Manager of the Integrity Unit and given star detective Tracey Pelling an inside run into the role.

The basis of this story was our inability to locate a job advertisement for the role, despite searching far and wide across a number of Australian recruitment and job search sites, including the State Government Smart Jobs site where all notifications of vacant government roles are published.


An hour or two after the story went up on the site we received a phone call from the the chap we call the Commissioner in Waiting – D.I. Mick Dowie – to advise us that we were wrong, that the job was indeed advertised and that Detective-Sergeant Pelling was the outstanding applicant for the role and a most worthy appointment.

We have no reason to doubt D.I. Dowie’s advice or his judgement, and apologise to both Ms Pelling and Mr Barnett for any inference or suggestion to the contrary, although to be fair we never suggested that D.S. Pelling was not a great candidate, just that we could find no record of the job advertisement, which is no surprise really given that when we were set straight the only place it showed up was New Zealand!


Detective Inspector Dowie also advised me that he would not be applying for the Deputy Commissioner’s role at QRIC, citing his desire to remain in the police force as the reason, which I though a tad odd given that to the best of our understanding D.S. Pelling still retains her role as a police officer, albeit on extended unpaid or career break leave, and I thought that Mr Barnett did too but accept that we might be wrong on that count.

Old Mick also gave me the short back and sides for having a crack at his namesake Mick Pelling, telling me that lots of people were required to give statements to the Fitzgerald Inquiry and that it didn’t mean anything other than that they were required to give a statement, and asked what the Winkers inventor had to do with it anyway.

My reply was that it wasn’t me waxing lyrical in a press release about D.S. Pelling’s family connection to the Sport of Kings it was Ross the Boss, so don’t point the bone this way if you don’t mind Sir, but then I had a dig and got hold of Mick Pelling’s Fitzgerald statement and realised that I had been out of line so I apologise to Mr Pelling and all of his relatives as well.

Having a shocker aren’t I? And this on a day when a good mate accused me of never admitting that I’m ever wrong and all. Never mind, we’ll be back on track very soon and don’t you worry about that.

To clarify the situation re Mick Pelling I state unequivocally that he was not a person of interest at the Fitzgerald Inquiry in any way shape or form, and that his statement was made merely for the purpose of denying that he gave tips on good things to corrupt top cop Terry Lewis’ old girl Mona.

I still say there’s something wrong with his driving range down on Beams Road though, because no matter how well I hit a three wood the Titleist never seems to bloody go straight. Must be something to do with the vapors from the ancient peat bogs I reckon.


Anyway there you go, three apologies in just over 600 words.

Brother of the QC, stick it up your arse. No, on second thoughts don’t. You might like it, and then the missus will blame me.

It’s good to the ladies and gentleman at Deagon and Albion are reading my crap though, it sort of warms the heart.

And the phone.

“Hey Mum? What’s that bloody crackling noise I hear every time I pick up the dog and bone?”

“It’s your imagination son. Have you taken your medication today?”.

“Always Mum, always”.

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