This advertisement has appeared on a number of corporate recruitment websites in recent weeks.

The timing is most curious, given that the advertised position of Deputy Commissioner closed at 5.00 pm just last Friday 5 January 2018, and that the decision of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission in the matter of Farquharson v Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner was leaked to selected members of the media on the morning of the very next business day of Monday 8 January 2018.

There are a number of other curious features of the advertisement.

The Racing Integrity Act, which was passed in April 2016, requires that QRIC must have at least one Deputy Commissioner.


The requirement for the Deputy Commissioner role is enshrined by law.

The person who hold this role is required to assist the Commissioner in the performance of his or her statutory duties, assist them in managing the staff in accordance with the Public Service Act 2008, and to act in their position when they are absent or for any reason unavailable to perform the duties of their role.

That last bit is the most important one,

If for any reason Ross Barnett is unable to perform the duties of his job as Commissioner – for example, if he is stood aside pending an inquiry into his conduct or his fitness to hold the role –  then the Deputy Commissioner will step into his shoes.

Pay particular attention to the information that I have related above about the closing date for applications for appointment to the Deputy Commissioner role, and the date that the decision of Deputy President of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission Adrian Bloomfield was purportedly delivered.

Now let me tell you that Deputy Commissioner Adrian Bloomfield has been on leave since prior to Christmas, and will not return to his job from leave until the 22nd of January 2018, and if you don’t believe me simply call his chambers on 3227 8625 and listen to the recorded message telling you exactly the same.


Bloomfield could not possibly have delivered his decision on 8 January 2018 as stated in the judgement, for one simple reason.

He wasn’t there.

The fix is in.

There is no current Deputy Commissioner of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, and there has not been once since the day that the organisation was created because none has ever been appointed by the Governor in Council despite the requirement for him to do so.

QRIC has been crook from the start.

It is operating in breach of the law.

My read is that the Deputy’s position is now being filled because Barnett has had advance notice of the Farquharson decision and knows that he is in deep trouble, and is therefore moving swiftly to appoint the person who will replace him in the event that all goes wrong like it is right now by virtue of the series of articles that I have written and are being published.

Here’s the best tip you will get all year.

The person Barnett is desperate to appoint is Mick Dowie.

The advertisement for the Deputy Commissioner’s role was published without fanfare in the week of the 11th of December 2018.

On the Monday of 11th of December QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett announced the appointment of Detective-Sergeant Tracey Pelling to the newly created role of head of the Queensland Racing Integrity Regulation Unit (IRU).

When announcing the appointment of Detective-Sergeant Pelling to the role Comissioner Ross Barnett waxed lyrical about her family racing connection as the cousin of former jockey Michael ‘Mick’ Pelling.

This is what he had to say:


Commissioner Barnett was obviously unaware of the fact that Pelling had been compelled by another Commissioner by the name of Tony Fitzgerald to provide a statement to his  seminal late 1980’s Fitzgerald Inquiry in relation to Pelling’s knowledge of the betting activities of Mrs Mona Lewis, the mother of later disgraced and jailed Police Commissioner Terence Murray ‘Terry’ Lewis; or that the reason that Pelling had been directed to provide the statement was because Commissioner Lewis was claiming that his inexplicable personal wealth was a result of his gambling success, and that Fitzgerald strongly suspected that Lewis’ mother was laundering her corrupt son’s unlawfully received graft and bribes.

Never trust a copper was Fitzgerald’s obvious logic.

How now can anyone ever say that he was wrong?


It is fair to say on any reasonable assessment that the Its Not Normal team are highly skilled researchers. Our record of breaking stories and uncovering hitherto unknown and undisclosed matters of public interest speaks

Extensive searches by our team have failed to discover any record of the newly created position of head of the IRU ever being publicly advertised, or any evidence that invitations to apply for the role were ever extended to persons who at the time were not currently employed by QRIC .

They were required by law to be.

The IRU chief’s role – like all staff positions within QRIC – is appointed, classified and remunerated under the Public Service Act, and as such must by decree of the State Parliament be openly and publicly advertised so that the taxpayer could be assured that they had opened the field up to attract the best applicant.

Integrity is vital.

Public confidence in any entity depends on the rules being equally applied.


On 20 December 2017 Commissioner Barnett announced that he had appointed Ali Wade to the role of Director of Licensing and Stewarding.

This vacancy had been publicly advertised, but the appointment of Ali Wade was no surprise to anyone, for she had been acting in the role since the day Dart was dismissed and the required job specifications meant that it was near impossible for any other applicant to meet the requirements of the role.


The fix was in.

By appointing two women to senior roles within the organisation QRIC had met the State Government’s gender equity requirements, and in the process of neutering any potential arguments about glass ceilings the extremely astute Barnett had shown the world his ability to absorb pain and learn from bitter personal experience, for he had replicated exactly what Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart had done by appointing him to the role of QRIC Commissioner just as Stewart’s own contract as the State’s top cop had come up for renewal.

Barnett had removed the competition for the the one role that really mattered.

The job as his deputy.

Now it was all Detective-Inspector Mick Dowie’s, and by writing the specifications of the role in terms that ensured that there wasn’t another person in the world who could meet them the Commissioner put his big picture plan in to play.


I predicted many months ago that Mick Dowie’s appointment to QRIC was a preordained step on the ladder of his seemingly inevitable rise to the role of Commissioner, and then and now I was absolutely right, but now the things that Dowie’s boss Ross had done, and Kevin Seymour’s ill manners in inviting me into his manor at dawn and then willfully failing to feed me, and my own madness born of things beyond my control have drifted together to form a dark grey cloud and what lies beyond is no longer clear.

Many who are not as wise as Clip Clop or Detective-Inspector Dowie or me have mistaken the mutual respect that we – or maybe even just I – hold for each another’s intelligence, craft and ability and take it as some form of proof that each of us, or eitherm or any are close associates and are working cooperatively, or in the alternative that there exists a visceral mutual loathing among us.

Neither is true.

We may by sheer chance hold mutual yet conflicting ambitions – Seymour wants harness racing to succeed and so do I; Dowie wants to clean the sport up and that’s my goal too – but we are not associated or colleagues, and we are certainly not friends.

Highly astute business leaders and career cops with legitimate aspirations to the the State’s top policing job are never ignorant to history, and know that friends are best kept close, but that their enemies must be kept much closer.

Mug writers from Geebung brought up from birth to know the score understand this too, and are not for a second ignorant to the fact that men in suits whose names appear in the Fitzgerald Report and who are eager to buy dirt files on them cobbled together in scrawled handwriting on stolen paper by recently discharged drug addicted mental unit patients, and senior police officers who are prepared to put them in jail for crimes that both men know are inventions, and that the Bunger Boy writer did not commit, are not their friends.

I admire and respect the abilities of both Kevin Seymour and Michael Dowie, and as fellas I actually quite like them, but since my change of life and world views post the Child Abuse Royal Commission when I finally opened up to myself and others and told the truth about what happened to me as a young man, I can not and do not like what Seymour and Dowie are and what they do.

If you look closely at the side bar of this website you will notice a small tract headed ‘Archie’s Motto’.

It was written by Henry Lawson, and has been there since since the day I started writing, and this is what it says:

They lie the men who tell us, for reasons of their own;

that want is here a stranger, and that misery’s unknown.

The words are taken from a poem written by the great drunkard and poet, and the men who lie are those who hold positions of power and influence that they misuse for their own selfish purposes, knowing that by doing so others may suffer.

Sometimes they are big lies, sometimes they are little ones, and often they are told with what the teller believes are the best of intentions.

But still they are all lies.

Lies are what allowed my abuse as a child to occur, and allowed it to continue, and led to me wasting the years of my life when I could have perhaps become something or someone good and great, instead of just dying a little more inside during all those years of denial and drinking myself each night to sleep.

Maybe I’m kidding myself, and I would just have been a normal person like you, who had hopes and dreams and love and joy and didn’t care for years whether the next day they were alive and dead.

That would have been nice I reckon. It would mean that I didn’t cry as I typed, and as I did feel like a little child.

Lies, damned lies.

Once you tell one you become just like Chairman Mao, your great journey has begun with a single step. But the only way you are travelling is down.

Jesus came not to condemn but to save.

I’m not Jesus, but I’ve read the four books written about him, and reckon he had it right.

It’s not about what you do or what you’ve done, it’s about how you deal with it when lightning hits you on the Damascus road, and what you then become.

At least that’s what I reckon anyway.

These are the next two lines of Lawson’s poem:

For where the nearest suburb and the city proper meet;

My window-sill is level with the faces in the street.

This website is where the suburb and the city proper meet, and my writing is the window sill.

You are the faces in the street.