Well the whole world knows that Aquanita trainers Robert Smerdon and Stuart Webb and stable employees Daniel Garland and Denise Nelligan have agreed to take a bullet and stand down from involvement in racing while the myriad of drug charges members of the racing operation are faced with are being heard.

But how many people know why?

This is what I’ve heard.

One of the four people mentioned above approached the Aquanita head brass on behalf of they and their partner and offered to take the rap if the stable paid them three years wages in return.

They were told to get f*cked by the cocky c*nts who falsely imagined that they had the whole game stitched up, and in response the person went to the coppers and spilled their guts, and what they were spewing out were stories that would shock and amaze the whole wide racing world.

See the story is nothing like the bullshit that Aquanita’s PR gurus are hurling out about low paid truck drivers laying horses to lose a hundred bucks.

That’s small time nickels and dimes, and worth nothing more than two one hundredths of six tenths of f*ck all when it comes to explaining why a company that owns and runs one of the biggest non-Waller, Waterhouse or Weir racing operations in the wide brown land would risk it all by – perhaps, maybe, allegedly – hitting their high priced horses.

It all comes down to where in racing it always lands.

The punt.

Word is that wholesale plunges were being organised on hit horses – just take a look at the betting fluctuations on winners trained by Robert Smerdon and you’ll know what I mean – and that the organisers were one of the biggest names in Melbourne racing administration and bloke who once used to be a builder but has now become extraordinarily rich as an alleged result of a whole lot of good fortune on the punt.

The Al Capone’s of the world don’t get their hands dirty, despite what the make believe merchants in Hollywood might have you believe in moving picture shows like The Untouchables, although I am absolutely certain that there are a couple of people right now wishing like hell that they had the liberty to swing a bat like Bobby De Niro.

Like De Niro pretending to be Al Capone said, you get nowhere unless the team wins.

The word is that the whole team was winning.

The tips were sent out by text – you stupid f*ckers – and the message was sent in code, and the code was seafood.

“Can you pick up three fillets of barramundi and half a dozen oysters on your way home luv?” meant that the horse number 6 in race 3 was the one, and make sure you get on.

“Hey darl can you grab a couple of whole snapper and 700 grams of shelled prawns at Woolies please” was really the Aquanita way of saying we’ve spiked the horse number seven in race two so back it.

Do you get the picture?

When the inquiry hearings happen you’ll get to see the whole show sportsfans.

You’ve just been tipped a good thing, don’t you worry about that.