Integrity, trust and confidence.

The racing industry relies on it at every step in the chain of QRIC’s actions, and any deliberate subversion of that process is a serious matter.

They are the words spoken by Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett when he sacked a young inexperienced kid cadet steward for stuffing up last year.

A positive swab result can have dramatic penalties for trainers he said too.

Neale Scott knows that full well.

He went 45 years without a charge and then got scrubbed for 18 months on the false word of a racing steward who Barnett later sacked.

Problem is that Barnett never corrected the public record about what he knew were lies, and left poor Mr Scott out with the rubbish to rot.

Perhaps he learnt the tricks of the trade from his old Victorian copper mate Sal Perna, the man who says he’s never wrong, even when the Supreme Court insists he was.


A bloke who smokes the right of individuals to be afforded natural justice in order to burn his own flame brighter is not exactly the sort of immorally fibred character you want advising Queensland on how to uphold the integrity of racing and tell us how to manage it is he?

Image result for sal perna policeImage result for ross barnett police

Brothers in cops and arms and integrity harm – Sal Perna (top) and Ross Barnett (below)

But Sal Perna is doing exactly that, and the double standards man with the self -serving path to the Police Commissioner’s office plan Ross Barnett is the bloke who invited him to do it.

What was it that the playwright Billy Turner said way back five centuries ago?

Something about birds of a feather flocking together.

Geez you would have to say the long dead old geez was bloody right wouldn’t you?

You’ve put a match to your mandate and incinerated our trust Mr Barnett.

It’s time to go.



Queensland Racing Integrity Commission 2016/17 Annual Report, page 12