When the race was on to become Queensland’s Police Commissioner in 2012 there were 14 applicants and 5 shortlisted contenders, although we are told that there would well have been six if someone hadn’t been whispering seriously politically damaging words in the Premier’s ear about an Assistant Commissioner named Mike Condon.


Then Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart was an outsider in the Great Police Commissioner Steeplechase, but that’s because none other than the smartest of punters knew that he had spent the weekend of the 24th of March 2012 in the company of his mate the mad Mormon Police Superintendent Grant Pitman running around election polling booths delivering LNP volunteers sandwiches and tea.

Ya gotta be smart to win on the punt sportstfans, but ya gotta be even smarter to come from the clouds and snaffle the Police Commissioner Steeple.

The winner has to be ruthless too, and take no prisoners, and Ian Stewart certainly didn’t after he was rewarded for his loyalty and hard work by Can Do Campbell Newman and in shades of the days of crooked Terry Lewis appointed over the top of the better performed contenders and parachuted into the top cop seat.

Just take a look at what happened to the other contenders.


Do you reckon it was just an accident that all these happened?

What are ya, f*cking stupid?

The only man left standing is Ross Barnett.

But for how much longer, that’s the question.

Top cop Stewart sinks them all in the end, but this one’s easier than most.

Roscoe’s given him a free kick.