This is Stella Ombra.

He is a five-year-old gelding trained by Kelly Schweida at Eagle Farm

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This is Richard Harvery Morrison, aka Little Dickie (on the left).

He is the Vice-Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club, and aspires to take over as the Chairman of the club when the current incumbent Nifty Neville Bell retires this year.

Little Dickie is one of the part-owners of Stella Ombra.

He reads a monthly publication called the Race Magazine religiously.

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This is Stephen Grant Bizzell.

He is a super rich businessman who lives in a $10 million house.

Bizzell is also one of the part-owners of Stella Ombra.

He reads the Australian Financial Review every day, and probably the law list too.


These are the owners of Stella Ombra.

Mr RH Morrison is Little Dickie.

Mr SG Bizzell is Stephen Bizzell.


This is the Racing Queensland Forfeit List.

It is published on the Racing Queensland website and in the Race Magazine each month, and contains the names of people who haven’t paid their racing debts.

Anyone whose name appears on this list is treated as a disqualified person under the Australian Rules of Racing (‘the rules’).

Disqualified people are not allowed to own race horses.


This is an extract of the Forfeit List published on the Racing Queensland website and in the December edition of the Race Magazine.

Stephen Bizzell’s name is there, and it has been since the 6th of May 2016 when he failed to pay his racing debt of $2 843.44.

He still hasn’t paid it.

Until he does Bizzell is not allowed to own racehorses.

That means that Stephen Bizzell is not allowed to be a part-owner of Stella Ombra, for it is an offence under the rules.



These are rules AR.181 and AR.182.

Rule AR.181 confirms that the Forfeit List is kept in the office of the Brisbane Racing Club, published in the Race Magazine, and transmitted to the Brisbane Racing Club.

Rule AR.182 says that Stephen Bizzell is not allowed to step on a racetrack, or enter a place where horses are trained.

The rule also states that he is not allowed to race a horse in any capacity, including as a part owner or a member of a syndicate of owners, and Stella Ombra is a horse.

It talks about money too, which means it’s speaking Bizzell and Little Dickie’s language, and it says that Mr SG Bizzell is most certainly not allowed to share in the prize money winnings of any horse, including the six figure amount that Stella Ombra has earned since the time Bizzell entered the Hall of Shame by having his name entered on to the Forfeit List.


This is rule AR.175.

It says that anyone engages in conduct that corrupts the outcome of a race is a bad guy, because they have broken the rules if the acts or omissions performed or not performed by the bad guy are contrary to the standards of integrity that the average Joe would expect of a person in their position.

Like I said, Little Dickie is the Vice-Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club.

It’s Queensland’s Principal Racing Club, and owns and operates the Doomben and Sunshine Coast race tracks.

Stella Ombra has been entered in a whole lot of races at Doomben and the Sunshine Coast since its part owner Mr SG Bizzell incurred the same disabilities as those of a disqualified person and became ineligible to race horses, and a won a few of them and earned the owners prize money too.

Any reasonable person would imagine that Little Dickie knew, or hold that he should have known, that Mr Bizzell wasn’t allowed to race horses, and that if he did continue to race them Little Dickie should have done something about it.

But he didn’t.

Little Dickie is a very naughty boy. He’s broken the rules.


This a further part of Rule AR.175.

It says that anyone who enters a horse knowing that one its owners is disqualified is guilty of an offence.

Whoever entered Stella Ombra in all those races its run in since the 6th of May 2015 is a serial offender, and must be punished.

The rule also says that any bloke who conspires with another bloke or bird to enter a horse in a race when one if its owners is disqualified has themselves broken the rules.

A conspiracy doesn’t have to be a second shooter on the hill in the Kennedy assassination theory, it can be as simple as two or more people doing something they know is wrong.

Little Dickie, Stephen Bizzell, Stella Ombra’s trainer Kelly Schweida and maybe even some of the other part-owners of the horse entered and ran it in races when they knew, or should have known, that they weren’t allowed to.

They’ve all committed an offence.


This is rule AR.176.

It says that the Committee or the Stewards can disqualify a horse that has run in a race when it shouldn’t have.

Stella Ombra shouldn’t have run in any races from the time that its part owner Bizzell’s name was entered onto the forfeit list.

The gelding’s run in 17 races since then, and won 5 of them too.

It should be disqualified from each and every one of them, but the BRC Committee can’t disqualify him can they, because Little Dickie is it’s Vice-Chairman and he’s the one who has been the naughty boy.

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This is Ross ‘the Boss’ Barnett.

He’s the Racing Integrity Commissioner.

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This is Steve ‘Whirlwind’ Wilson.

He’s the Chairperson of Racing Queensland, although even in these days of light and liberty he still calls himself a ChairMAN.

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This is Eliot ‘ET’ Forbes.

This picture must have been taken a long time ago, because Eagle Farm still had grass.

ET’s the CEO of Racing Queensland.

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This is ‘Nifty’ Neville Bell.

He’s the Chairman of the Brisbane Racing Club.

I wanted to join that club, but Nifty told me I wasn’t allowed.

That was a mistake wasn’t it?


This is me, Archie Butterfly, in a picture taken with a couple of keen young Kiwi sheilas last year in the Mooloo land of Hamilton, New Zealand.

I write a website, funnily enough the one you are reading right now.

Whirlwind, the Boss, Nifty and ET all read my website every day of the week, so each of the four racing bigwigs will have read this by lunchtime, and thus will know that Little Dickie’s been a bad boy and that he’s been breaking the rules.

None of the four like me much, but it doesn’t matter because Maggie and the Mooloo girls and whole lot of folk in the racing industry who share my disdain for corruption in the great Sport of Kings do.

Now that I’ve the Big 4 and you about what Little Dickie’s done I’m sure they will quickly realise that the Vice-Chairman’s actions mean that he is certainly not a fit and proper person to hold any office whatsoever in the sport of racing, and that they’ll sack him or force him to resign.

They have to don’t they?

After all, if racing doesn’t have integrity then what other than a sand track at headquarters do we have?

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This is the moral of the story.

When you are a person who holds a public or elected office you should always conduct yourself properly and behave in a manner that’s beyond reproach, because people are relying on you to do the right thing, and you are managing other folks money.

But if you are not going to then you shouldn’t go around picking fights with punters from Geebung like me, because all we’re trying to do is our best and all we want is to do our little bit to help our beloved racing industry to be a clean and vibrant sport.

And don’t sue us either, or sack innocent widows, because it only pisses us off, and like the great Grey Affair who won the Brisbane Cup at 100-1 in 1979 when it was still run over 2 miles we can stay all day.

If you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones, especially against blokes who played cricket for the first thirty years of their life for Toombul and Banyo and beyond.

We normally have pretty good arms, and our aim’s always straight.

Here you go boys ………. catch!

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