One Man’s Belief in Bet Fairies is Another’s Faith in Backward Flying Pigs – An Intro to the Story of How a Couple of Greedy Wheel Greasing Racing Ramrods Used Their Wives to Conceal Their Sins


Year of the Monkey Pty Ltd is the parent company of a betting website called Bet Fairy.

The website is an affiliate partner of Ubet, the company that holds an exclusive – and highly dubious and controversial – 30 year contract as the provider of pari-mutual totalisator services in Queensland.

The Bet Fairy shareholders are believed to be receiving a somewhat inflated and highly lucrative kickback from the betting operator as a kicker for every customer that they lure into the Ubet/Tatts Group web.

These chickadees are they.

fairy12The woman in the centre of the snap above owns about 40 percent of the 200 publicly issued Bet Fairy shares.

Her name is Natalie Suellen Whimpey.

Her husband’s name is David, although he prefers to be called Dave.

Dave Whimpey is the Chief Executive Officer of the Brisbane Racing Club, and is by virtue of his role is intimately connected to the Ubet company.


The woman to the right in the picture of the trio at top is Kathryn Adams.

Prior to her marriage she was known as Kathryn Dent.

Kathryn Adams husband is a man named Sam.


Sam Adams is a former Director of the Brisbane Racing Club, and for the past few years has been employed as a senior executive in the head office of the BRC’s boss and paymaster, Racing Queensland.

In this role Sam Adams has been, and remains, the man responsible for negotiating wagering and media rights deals between the State of Queensland and its contractor Ubet.

The rate of commission paid by Ubet to affiliate partners is one of the matters that Sam Adams negotiates on behalf of –  and for the benefit of – those who own shares in the revenue of Racing Queensland, which is in effect you, me and every other bugger living north of the Tweed River.

The rate of commission that Ubet pays to Bet Fair has a material impact on the household income of the Adams Family.

Sam Adams role in negotiating such matters is what is known in common parlance as a conflict of interest; generally viewed under an examination of the applicanle Corporations  Law as a breach of fiduciary duty,; and openly regarded always at the Geebung RSL as a goddamn red hot fucking rort.

I have no doubt that Sam Adams, his wife Kathryn, or an associated party will  bring one or more lawsuits against me in an attempt to prevent me from talking about such things.

Like every single bastard that I have over the years identified as a potential recipient of largess derived from a rort they can go and get f*cked too.

Someone’s gotta keep the bastards honest, and I guess it may as well be Archie.

After all, he’s an expert in working with small groups of shareholders, and delving deep into the myriad of me, me, me type behaviors that drive the behaviors and actions of many a mendacious type of man.

Plat it again Sam, I dare you; play it like you did before.

Archie will be listening attentively the chorus and the chords.

Don’t you worry about that.