And the mercy seat is smokin’
And I think my head is melting
And in a way that’s helping
To be done with all this twistin’ of the truth
An eye for an eye
And a truth for a truth
And, anyway, I told the truth
But I’m afraid I told a lie

Nick Cave, The Mercy Seat

Kevin John Lynch is indisputably one of the greatest perverts and serial pedophiles Australia has ever known.

Whilst employed as a school teacher and student counselor between 1973 and 1988 at the prestigious Brisbane Boys Grammar School, and then from 1989 – 1997 as a student counselor at St Paul’s School, an Anglican Church run institution on the city’s north, Lynch raped and molested literally hundreds of boys. The abuse included such as horrors as inserting needles in a young teenage boy’s genitalia, drugging and anally penetrating dozens of victims, and forcing boys to perform oral sex on him and then ejaculating in their face or on their bodies.

There is strong evidence to suggest that Lynch was a member of a global child sex ring whose members perpetrated vile crimes against boys in Australia, England and South East Asia. Based on documents tendered to the Child Abuse Royal Commission it appears almost certain that Lynch filmed himself performing criminal sex acts on child victims that he had drugged or hypnotised, and there is widespread suspicion among child abuse investigators that he sold, traded or swapped these recordings to fellow pedophiles in the UK, Europe and the USA.


It seems beyond doubt that Lynch received high-level protection from Queensland Police for decades while committing his evil deeds. In 1996 the pedophile was recorded on a covert police surveillance device worn by one of his victims telling the now teenage boy that he had a close friend who was an Assistant Commissioner of the Queensland Police Force, and that this friend would protect he and his associates and had regularly perverting the course by arranging the alteration of prosecution evidence, the concealment of police records, the withdrawal of charges, harassing potential complainants, and in one case effecting a faux arrest and interrogation of 2 young drug users that Lynch had spent the night with in a Spring Hill unit and with whom he had engaged in non-consensual homosexual sex.


Gregory Lance Early, long-time neighbour and friend of Kevin John Lynch, former Assistant Commissioner of Queensland Police, personal assistant to corrupt top Terry Lewis, and alleged protector of organised pedophile rings. Pictured here with current and soon to be reappointed Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, who has failed utterly to launch an investigation into the claims of serious criminal conduct leveled against Early by his close friend Lynch and captured on a covert police recording.

At the time that Lynch made this claims captured on the covert surveillance recording it is known that he was particularly close friends with his neighbor of more than two decades, a man named Gregory Lance Early, and that their friendship had endured after Lynch had left the family home in the late 1980’s and moved to he unit in which the recordings were later made.

Gregory Lance Early was the Assistant Commissioner of Queensland Police. Prior to his promotion to that position Early had been the personal assistant to disgraced corrupt Police Commissioner Terrence Murray Lewis, who was jailed after being found guilty of charges asserting that he was a senior member of an organised criminal gang that had been operating within the police force since the early 1950’s and had extorted millions of dollars in bribes from criminals in exchange for police protection.


Despite the covert recordings detailing the serious and credible assertions made by the known serial pedophile about senior level police protection of pedophile groups being held by police for two decades and tendered in 2015 to the Child Abuse Royal Commission, none of the Queensland Police Service, the State’s Crime and Corruption Commission, the State Government or the Royal Commission have ever conducted inquiries into Lynch’s claims.

Despite the harrowing testimonies given by scores of witnesses during the Commission’s Case Study 34 that purported to examine in detail Lynch’s crimes, and revelations that a suspected 20 victims had taken their own lives subsequent to being abused by the pedophile school counselor, the shocking allegations Lynch made about police protecting he and other predators so that could continue to prey upon children failed to merit a single mention in the Case Study 34 report recently released by the Commission.

Now, after months of research by victims, we can exclusively reveal that shocking new evidence about Lynch’s pedophile past has emerged.

The document below is the resume of Kevin Lynch tendered into evidence during Case Study 34 of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


From 1953-54 Lynch studied Education at a Sydney Teacher’s college, and in 1955 was appointed to a teaching tole in the NSW State education system. He held the role for just 2 years before leaving his employment with the State Education Department and taking up a role as a low-level customs clerk for three years between 1957 and 1960 before returning to a teaching role in 1961 when he commenced employment at Wollongong’s Edmund Rice College.

It seemed highly unusual that a recently qualified teacher climbing the service-based salary scales and enjoying the generous employment conditions provided in the government education sector, including 10 weeks annual leave per year, would give it all away to take up a low paid role with minimal benefits in the private transport sector, and on any reasonable assessment the issue warranted a thorough investigation by the Royal Commission.

The Senior Counsel Assisting the Commission, a highly trained and experienced rising star of the legal profession named David Lloyd, failed to identify this glaring anomaly in Kevin Lynch’s CV, and as a result did not order the well-resourced research staff of the Commission to undertake further inquiries, and did not probe the issue in any more than a superficial manner in his extensive examinations of the Lynch related witnesses.

Lloyd’s omission was a most serious error of judgement that some are quietly alleging was major professional negligence by the experienced Senior Counsel, and those privy to the information we are about to reveal are about to begin a campaign for the reopening of Case Study 34 that is destined to gather widespread support among victims and their families across the wide brown land.

This notice published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday the 14th of March 1958 is the reason why.


Kevin John Lynch was already a known pedophile long before he came to Queensland to attack hundreds of boys and ruin – and in many tragic cases, end – their lives.

Lynch had been summarily dismissed from his employment as a teacher by the NSW Education Department after allegations of indecent behaviour he displayed toward young students had been made and substantiated a clear decade before he commenced his first known teaching role at Brisbane’s St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace.

And the school that he worked at, the State Government of NSW and almost certainly his later employers the Catholic Church in Queensland and NSW knew it.

Lynch’s friends and later employers Gilbert Case and David Howell almost certainly knew it, and his long-standing friend and next door neighbour Assistant Commissioner Gregory Lance Early is highly likely to have known it too.

Yet none of these people were ever asked a single question by the highly paid lawyers of the Royal Commission about their knowledge of Lynch’s past teaching career, or the reason that he left his State Education Department employment in 1956.

Their failure is in equal parts a travesty and an absolute scandal.

Lynch should never have been allowed to teach again.

He most certainly should not have been registered to teach in Queensland.

All these hundred of children should never have been sexually attacked by the pedophile in the sanctity and presumed safety of their school yard.

Scores of young lives should never have been destroyed.

The 12 names on plaques in the garden of the recently commissioned sorry space at St Paul’s School should be attached to a dozen Australian men now in their thirties and forties enjoying the prime of their lives in successful careers and watching their children grow, not affixed to a stone block wall while the owners of the names lie buried in bitterly cold graves and their parents break down crying every day at dawn.

They all should have been protected. We all should have been protected.

Kevin Lynch should never have been employed at Grammar or St Paul’s at all.

The Teacher’s Registration Boards in two States have failed us.

The States of Queensland and NSW have appallingly let us down.

The Catholic Church has betrayed us.

The school boards of Grammar and St Paul’s carry blame, and the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane too.

The Queensland Police Service cannot be trusted to protect us from pedophiles.

The Royal Commission is simply a disgrace.

Kevin Lynch was a known pedophile in 1958 and everyone knew it.

Everyone but the Royal Commission that had been constituted and provided with special powers specifically so that they could find out the truth.

It is a tragedy.

A murderous tragedy.

A totally preventable murderous tragedy that cannot be allowed to pass.

We owe it to those dead boys whose names are on those stones in the St Paul’s garden, and to the dead boys from Grammar who don’t have a garden to have their names placed in, to discover the truth.

We owe it to their families and friends.

Most of all though we owe it to our children, and to the future generations of children to follow.

This can never be allowed to happen again; but we need the truth so we can stop it. Our children must be protected.

Something has to be done.


These lost boys can never rest in peace until the full truth about their attacker is known