This is what Amazing Grace Grace, the Queensland Racing Minister, said yesterday in parliament when under attack from her LNP shadow about her links to Steve Wilson, the non-racing man that she has recently appointed to run Racing Queensland.

As is her wont, she was of course lying.


The fund manager she is referring to is Hyperion Asset Management.

This company was founded by Steve Wilson, the newly appointed Chairman of Racing Queensland. According to the Hyperion he continues to own a significant shareholding in the company, in his own name at least, and I suspect holds a whole lot more through a series of double blinds.


As you may know, once upon a time the former stenographer turned occasional union official Amazing Grace used to be the Secretary of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU). It was the vaulting point from which she landed all her plum board spots, and found herself a seat in the House of Broken Dreams.

How a nobody from nowhere won the plum spot at the QCU is another story of all of its own, and one I will one day tell, but there Amazing Grace was.

And thanks to the daily double of the double-dealing Hawke, Keating and Kelty’s amalgamation of a myriad of unions, and their introduction of compulsory superannuation so that he suckers who once upon a time copped pensions could have them cut to ribbons and simultaneously consider themselves rich, our mate Amazing Grace suddenly found herself in somewhat of a powerful position, for she could influence the investment decisions of the instantly wealthy industry super funds now populated by her pals.

Of course Amazing Grace had no financial ties to Steve Wilson from the Hyperion group of companies. And who would I be to doubt her word?

But gee, look what happened, and isn’t it funny that Hyperion Asset Management ended up in charge of so many union superannuation  fund members money?



Each of the companies highlighted in red is a union led industry superannuation fund.

But that had no bearing on the friendship of Amazing Grace and Stevo – oh no Sir, no way at at all – they were just mates because they are both fine, upstanding Queenslanders who love Pineapples and the Geebung RSL, and there were no personal financial dealings between the duo, none at bloody all.

Shut up Kevvie.

You’re just a bloody cynical Bunger beer-serving bast*rd.

What would you know?

Fine Cotton?

Nah, f*ck off. Grace’s Amazing.

Just ask her.


Nice haircut Gracie! You’re looking mighty fine too Steve! Amazing in fact.