Directly above is the Steward’s Report for the Albion Park harness racing meeting on 28 October 2017 – last Saturday night – and as you can see the Steward’s have included in it a supplementary report regarding a race run and won a fortnight before.

As you can see in the report leading driver Trista Dixon – wife of leading trainer/driver, race fixer, drug cheat and all round wrong gee Grant Dixon, and clearly a similar cut of character herself – has been retrospectively fined a thousand dollars for failing to maintain her foot in the footrest of the sulky of her horse Pompidour, and as you can see in the screenshots I’ve taken of the race at the very top and directly below, she is as guilty as sin of the charge and twice as guilty again.


Now here’s the really interesting thing, or one of them anyway.

Stewards did absolutely nothing about Dixon’s gross violation of the rules on the night of the race, and there is absolutely no mention at all about the matter in the Steward’s Report about the race submitted after the event.

There was nothing whatsoever done about the matter for the next week either, but then on the 21st of October 2017 – a week exactly after the race – I published a story on this site with the title below.

The Fix is In – The Trots Pools Are Being Rorted and the Races Are Being Fixed –Its Not Which Horse Wins the Race That Matters – Its The Horse That Doesn’t That Counts – How the Rorters Landed a Six-Figure First Four Pool – Part 2 – The Execution

The story was about how Trista Dixon had driven a horse dead at Albion Park on the 8th of July 2017 in one of the red hot and smoking guaranteed First 4 races that are being systematically fixed by a cartel of trainers and drivers, including both of the betrothed Dixon’s, Trista and Grant.

The story highlighted in particular the drive of Dixon and her committing an offence that is identical to the one that is the subject of the supplementary stewards report, failing to keep her feet in the footrest of the sulky.

In that case she hooked her left foot out to give her horse a quick boot under the ribs and unbalance it so she could look like she was trying to control it by tugging the reins to the left, when in fact she deliberately moving it across the inner sprint lane to cut off a horse she and her mates didn’t want to win, whereas in this one she took her right foot out of the cart so she could kick her horse to victory Walter Cash style.

Over in the United States a driver cops a mandatory suspension for such an act of cheating and animal abuse; here they get a $1000 fine, or at least they do now that we have highlighted the issue and stewards are being forced to act.

Now they are waking up and beginning to enforce the Australian Rules of Harness Racing though, why haven’t they taken action against Trista Dixon for her identical offence in the fixed race?

Why haven’t they indeed?

I have a sneaky little feeling that all will perhaps become clear in the not too distant future, and that the Dixon’s and their mates won’t be falling over themselves in glee at the answer to my question.

Watch this space.